205 live

WWE officials have big plans to expand the cruiserweight division in the months to come, and it was recently announced that 205 Live will be hitting the road for three special live events in January of 2018.

These will be the first live events for the brand, and WWE officials have hopes that they’ll be able to create yet another touring brand by utilizing the cruiserweight division in this capacity.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that right now the live events in January are being looked at as an experiment, and the company is also planning more live events for the brand for the month of February.

After the run of shows in January and February wrap up, the company will then evaluate the results and determine whether or not using 205 Live as a touring brand will be profitable.

If 205 Live does become a full time touring brand then it will be a better situation for the cruiserweight division as the roster will be able to work more and make more money. 205 Live stars, with the exception of Enzo Amore, typically only work Raw on Monday and 205 Live on Tuesday. In the past they’ve worked NXT events, but that hasn’t been the case as of late.

Using NXT stars, and possibly trying out new cruiserweights at the events are two ideas that have also been discussed.