WWE has seemingly made the decision to go full throttle with pushing some of their finest prospects in the company. The last few WrestleManias it seemed as if a lot of the more established stars got their chance to shine but that wasn’t the case at all with WrestleMania XXX or Raw the next night.

WrestleMania XXX was a WrestleMania that delivered time and time again. It was extremely important for WWE to get the event right and they nailed it. The Usos retained, Daniel Bryan beat Triple H, The Shield destroyed the Outlaws and Kane and the streak ending shocked us all. Bray Wyatt established himself as a big time player in WWE (not that he wasn’t already), AJ Lee retained her title, anything Cesaro did was epic and Daniel Bryan is now WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What more could you ask for?

Look at that list of winners? Almost every match was won by a superstar or team of superstars that will define the next generation and it’s clear that it’s their time now. Raw the next night was only more of the same. Cesaro helped solidify himself as a bigger threat to the WWE roster by aligning himself with Paul Heyman — while Paige debuted and won the WWE Divas Championship in her first match. Daniel Bryan as well as his fans finally got the well deserved moment his career had been building towards and it was a great payoff. Once again, what more could you ask for?

It certainly feels like a new era and if there was ever a time for the old guard to step down, this would be it. WWE has developed the next generation over the past few years and the next generation looks great.

The fans have been pushing for change and it seems that change has finally come. Everyone in the audience has made a statement these past few years by letting WWE know they will choose their own heroes and now it seems WWE is ready to listen.

Chris Jericho said this morning that a new era had begun in WWE:



Has a new era started in WWE? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure. WWE has invested in its future and the future is bright.