WWE has reportedly filed to trademark the name Ric Flair. This is a positive sign that WWE has been satisfied with Flair’s recent appearances. After the debacle during the SummerSlam panel (Flair was intoxicated during the Q and A) it was looking like Flair the chances of Flair appearing again for WWE were slim but with this move it means that WWE is looking to use Ric Flair in some capacity in the near future. The Nature Boy’s real name is Richard Fliehr which means that the name “Ric Flair” could be trademarked by the WWE.


  1. Very surprised that Flair would sell the rights to his name to WWE. This means that if in the future there is a falling out between Flair and WWE, he wouldn’t be able to promote himself as Ric Flair without WWE’s consent. And we all know how stingy WWE is regarding that…..