WWE is shaking things up as of late, and last week the company released three Superstars, as well as longtime producer Arn Anderson.

It’s also been reported that Bruce Prichard is set to return to WWE this week at Raw, and he will be working a top position with the creative team.

Dave Schilling, who has written for Bleacher Report, Grantland, The Guardian and VICE mentioned on Twitter that he is joining the creative team as well. Dave posted the following on Twitter:

“SOME PERSONAL NEWS: I can finally reveal that I’m joining the creative team at WWE next month. I could not be more thrilled to have this opportunity in an industry I love.”

Last week we saw four top NXT stars debut on the show, and there’s no telling what might happen from a creative standpoint heading into WrestleMania.

One way or another, it certainly seems that WWE is trying to make some changes.