dudley boyz

Most fans would agree that The Dudley Boyz are a legendary tag team. Bubba Ray and D-Von have had an impressive career, and they’re one of the most decorated tag teams in history.

The Dudleys have been entertaining fans for a long time, and they’ve more than earned the right to toot their own horns from time to time. However, WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal recently spoke to Hannibal TV about The Dudley Boyz, and he said that although he has nothing against them, be doesn’t believe they’re a legendary team (via Wrestling Inc).

“Let me sum this up. I got nothing against D-Von or Bubba, D-Von is a great guy. Love him. They were good back in ECW in their early years. I’m gonna say this. But here’s the bottom line, you can say you’re the greatest cause you won the WWE championship so many times, all the TNA championships, but come in my shoes where you’ve won 14 different world championships. I’m talking Australia, Mexico, six different Japanese company belts, AWA, NWA, WCW, WWF, WWE. Right there you got 12 championships. Not only are you going down to Portland and winning those titles, going to Mexico City – I’ve been a part of 14 different belts. Even Hawk and I have been at least 10, 12 different titles. The only team ever to take the international belts out of Japan, and defend them against the AWA, NWA, and not WWF, but those titles and the WCW titles, and made the international belts famous. They ain’t done that. I have nothing against The Dudleys, but let’s be real to all the fans out there.”

“You got to be real when it’s time to be real and be honest. Listen, Hulk Hogan is the greatest single thing to ever happen to the wrestling business and I’ll be the first one to say it. When something is true you have to say it. The best entertainer to ever come out of this business is The Rock. Number one best entertaining guy ever and has set the wrestling standard that nobody will ever match. The guy did 170 million dollars in profit this year. No wrestler will ever do that ever in movies. I’m the first one to say it. So the Dudleys come out here and say that kind of crap, they really need to think about it and before they open up their mouth and say ‘Okay, did we really do anything that was better than The Road Warriors?’ The answer is simple, no. Are they great? Yeah, they’re great. But they’re not The Road Warriors. They’re not gonna go down in history as a legendary status.”

Although no one is going to deny that the Road Warriors are legends in their own right, and Animal is entitled to his opinion, there are probably more than a few people out there who disagree with him on this particular topic.

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  1. That’s why they make ice cream in chocolate and vanilla. Cause you have shitty taste! – paraphrasing Jim Cornette

  2. So because LOD won a few international titles that makes them legendary and The Dudleys who have won ECW, WWE, WCW, TNA titles a and long lost of others aren’t? What a petty ass hole! Some guys if you give them enough rope will hang themselves! Dumbass!