bray wyatt

Bray Wyatt is one of WWE’s top stars, and he’s unlike any other wrestler on the roster. From time to time fans have compared Bray Wyatt’s character to Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and the WWE Hall of Famer recently took to Twitter to ask the wrestling gods to grant him a match with Wyatt.

Jake Roberts has always shown interest in Bray Wyatt, and during a recent interview which took place shortly after Bray won the WWE Title, Roberts said that he thinks Bray needs to do something cruel and wrong to get heat.

“It’s great that Bray is champion, but my worry is that they’re pulling him away from his character,” said Roberts. “The people were chanting, ‘You deserve it!’ to him on Smackdown after he won the title. Is that a chant for a heel? Hell no, but that’s just the nature of the business these days. Bray needs to do something really nasty, and now is the time. He needs to be the one to do something crude and wrong.”

Perhaps “something really nasty” for Bray could be taking out a legend like Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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