great balls of fire

Hello and welcome to WWE Great Balls Of Fire. This show was set to rock Dallas hard as WWE threw the biggest ball of the summer before The Biggest Party Of The Summer in Brooklyn.

Braun Strowman was looking to destroy Roman Reigns in an ambulance match but the Big Dog didn’t plan on going down without a fight. The same goes for Alexa Bliss who wasn’t planning on letting go of her Raw Women’s Championship.

The Hardy Boyz were looking to get those Raw Tag Team Titles back from Sheamus and Cesaro, but they’d have to go through a 30-minute Iron Man Match to make it happen.

This show was stacked full of great matches and for having such a funny name for the PPV, WWE certainly stacked a great show. Let’s get right into it with the kickoff show which featured two matches that could have easily made it to the main show on most other events.

Neville vs Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Neville has been riding on the top of WWE’s cruiserweight division what seems like forever at this point and Tozawa was looking to put an end to that. Not only that but Tozawa also wanted to represent Titus Worldwide the right way.

Tozawa was yelling in his usual manner and Neville looked serious. The announcers listed everyone Neville has defended his title against but didn’t list Austin Aries. That was quite noticeable.

Tozawa tried to get things going for himself but soon felt the punishment of Neville. As Tozawa was on the mat Titus stood at ringside yelling for him to fight back. Neville tossed Tozawa to the outside and Neville went outside to continue the punishment.

Neville tossed Akira into the barricade and it looked like a pretty hard bump and Tozawa might have landed on his head a little bit there.

Neville hit a DDT once they returned to the ring and followed it up with a sliding kick. He covered for a pin but the Titus Worldwide representative kicked out at two. Neville stalked Tozawa and stomped on his head. The crowd was pretty hot and didn’t appreciate Neville’s antics.

Neville slapped Tozawa but it was returned with a chop and some rapid fire strike. Neville tried to stop Akira, but it was returned with another strike and a suplex.

Tozawa started to hype himself up and climbed to the top rope but Neville rolled away and out of the ring. So Tozawa just jumped down and hit Neville with a suicide dive and another dive. He rolled Neville back in the ring and pinned him for a two count.

Neville tried to reverse but Tozawa wrapped a submission hold around The King Of The Cruiserweights. Neville was desperate and limped to the ropes where he latched onto them to break up the hold.

Tozawa’s battle cry rang out and he climbed to the top rope again. Neville got up before hand and Akira jumped down. Tozawa kicked him but Neville backed him up against the ropes for some brutally stiff kicks followed by a dropkick. 1-2-kickout!

Neville looked spent and so did Akira. But Neville looked like it was time to end it. He hit Tozawa with a running elbow in the corner and went to the second rope but missed a 450 splash. Akira rolled him up for a 2 count.

Akira hit a shining wizard and jumped to the top turnbuckle. He hit a senton but Neville rolled back out of the ring. He had him beat, but Neville left again. Once they returned to the ring, Neville lifted Akira up during a run and racked him on the top rope. He hit the top rope to further damage Tozawa’s… junk.

The ref tried to back Neville off of Akira, but Neville kicked him in the abdomen and covered for a three count.

Neville is still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and he keeps winning like a true heel.

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

The fireflies were thick in Dallas as The Eater Of Worlds made his way to the ring. The time for talking was over and he was set to do battle with The Architect Seth Rollins.

They locked up and Rollins locked in a headlock and kicked Bray on the back once he brought him down. Michael Cole said Seth Rollins has been in more WWE PPVs than anyone else in the last five years which is impressive seeing how long he’s been out of action due to injury.

Bray hung upside down in the corner in the wonderful creepy way he does but it didn’t work on Seth. Rollins tossed Bray out of the ring but Bray caught him with a punch with Rollins was going for a suicide dive. Bray hit him in the throat once they got back in the ring and brought Seth to the corner. One more strike and then Bray started to taunt the crowd.

Seth caught Bray and sent him face-first in the second turnbuckle. Bray went to the apron and Seth followed to fight on top of the hardest part of the ring. Then Wyatt sent Rollins in to the steel steps from the apron and followed it by throwing him into the barricade with a stiff shoulder tackle.

Once they returned to the ring Bray locked in a chinlock and backed Seth in the corner with a chop. Bray placed Rollins on the top turnbuckle and followed him up there. The two fought for position and Rollins looked like he wanted to go for a rolling powerbomb, but Bray countered with a superplex. They’re hitting a superplex in the opening match which means there will be plenty of high spots to come.

Seth was hurt and as the crowd chanted “let’s go Rollins” they fought on. Bray tossed Seth to the apron and drove Seth face-first into the ring apron. 1-2-count out. Bray locked in another rear chinlock to try and keep Seth down.

Seth and Bray fought on and Rollins eventually caught him with a dropkick that sent him out of the ring. Rollins finally hit a suicide dive on Wyatt and rolled him back in the ring. Seth hit a top rope elbow smash and pinned him for a two count.

Seth hit a sling blade and jumped to the second turnbuckle for a Block Buster. 1-2- kick out! Both of these guys looked tired and Seth got to his feet first. He hammered away at Bray with some elbows and went for a kick but it was caught.

Bray tried for a Sister Abagail but Seth blocked it. Bray hit a strong clothesline on Rollins and Seth countered another move into a Falcon Arrow for another two count.

Seth scaled the ropes, but Bray caught him and hit him off the top rope. He hit a top rope DDT for a two count. Then Wyatt got Seth back up and hit him with his urange for another two count.

Bray looked like he was ready to end it and went to the turnbuckle to hype himself up for the Sister Abagail. He screamed “fight me! This is what a God looks like!” Suddenly Rollins jumped to his feet to fight back but Bray kicked Rollin’s knee and sent Bray outside.

Rollins fought from the outside and Bray caught him with a thumb to the eye. Wyatt jumped back in the ring and got a Sister Abigail. 1-2-3 and Bray Wyatt picked up a big win at Great Balls Of Fire

Enzo vs Big Cass

It’s so strange writing Enzo vs Big Cass when you’re so used to writing “Enzo and Big Cass.” These two were set to get it on after Colin Cassady turned his back on his old pal Enzo. Nobody was expecting a barn burner here, but they were expecting something entertaining nonetheless.

Enzo got a huge babyface reaction from the Dallas crowd and they were more than happy to see him. He had his microphone and was ready to spit a little fire. The crowd said every word with him as he spoke and broke into a big “how you doin” chant.

Enzo stopped before speaking more and just soaked up the chants coming his way. He said last year in the same arena him and Big Cass made their debut in WWE. Now they’re fighting for the first time in the same arena. Enzo said, “all is fair in love and war but the same can not be said about life.” Enzo said life isn’t fair and his favorite song in the world is “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra.

Enzo quoted the famous Sinatra song as he was riding high in April and shot down in May. It’s almost poetic how Enzo and Big Cass’ story fit the classic Sinatra song.

Enzo said he no longer sleeps because his real life has become better than his dreams. The people chanted for Enzo again and he used that to hype his promo even more. He said if he doesn’t know what’s shaken come this here July, he’s gonna roll himself up in a big ball and die. But he won’t be doing on that, he’s going to jump on a bird and fly because he’s about to be larger than life.

Whether he’s up, down, over or out he knows one thing and that’s one word to describe Big Cass and that’s S-A-W-F-T.

Big Cass came out with his new heavy metal theme song that sounded like as much of a departure from his previous entrance song as you can get.

“Enzo does not stand a chance,” Booker T said as the bell rang. Enzo tried to shoot on Cass, but Big Cass moved him to the turnbuckle. Enzo reversed him around and tried to hit some strikes but Cass knocked him down with a shoulder tackle.

Cass backed Enzo up in the turnbuckle and stomped a mudhole in him. Cass latched on a submission hold and wrenched at Enzo’s head. After he was done he tossed his old little buddy to the mat.

Enzo backed up to the turnbuckle and Cass just slapped him and hit a fallaway slam. Enzo tried to get himself up and Big Cass hit a big splash in the corner. The crowd started to chant “Casshole” as Big Cass continued the abuse.

Enzo tried to fight back with some kicks, but it only ticked Big Cass off even more. Cass placed Enzo over the top rope and started beating him about the body with some clubbing blows.

Cass kept taunting Enzo as he tried to get to his feet “Let’s go Enzo” chants rang out while Colin Cassady grabbed him and threw him out of the ring with an impressive press slam. Enzo fell a long way to the ground and it didn’t look pretty.

“Casshole” chants started up again and this crowd was hot. Enzo got back to his feet and barely missed the ref’s 10 count before getting back inside.

Cass looked on at him and seemed somewhat amused. Big Cass nailed Enzo with a big boot and got the win.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardy Boyz (30-Minute Iron Man Raw Tag Team Championship Match)

This match determined the Raw Tag Team Champions and it was time to get a cup of coffee already because this one was sure to have plenty of action. Both of these two teams were set for an endurance-filled match and since this is an Iron Man Match, we’ll just hit the real highlights here.

Within the first minute of the match, Cesaro distracted Matt Hardy and Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick to capture the first fall at the sixteen-second mark. It was almost a recreation from Sheamus’ match against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 (without a kiss from AJ Lee).

There were tons of “Brother Nero” chants as Jeff and Sheamus fought on. Those chants for the Broken Universe never need to stop because it will only give WWE more confidence the gimmick will go over if they ever get to use it. The “delete” chants were very loud as Matt pounded Sheamus’ head against the apron too.

Sheamus and Cesaro pretty much dominated the match in first several minutes. The Hardy Boyz are pretty good at selling so they just let Matt and Jeff do their thing in that department for a while.

The Raw Tag Team Champs were able to rough up Jeff Hardy in a big way and hit their double team finisher for another pinfall victory. So Sheamus and Cesaro led this match two falls to zero. It didn’t look good for the brothers that traveled through space and time.

Sheamus went for a spear in the corner but Jeff moved and he took the post. Sheamus’ momentum sent him out of the ring but Cesaro rolled him back in. Jeff and Sheamus made tags to their partners and Matt Hardy started taking it to Cesaro with a thunderous “deleted” ovation.

Jeff got the tag and dropkicked Sheamus off the apron. He hit a poetry in motion and Matt hit a Side Effect and Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb off the top rope on Cesaro. 1-2-3 and the Hardy Boyz were just trailing by one fall now.

Cesaro fought back and tagged Sheamus in. He started to punish Jeff Hardy and looked like he wanted to knock another tooth out of his head.

There was a spot where Matt and Jeff knocked Sheamus and Cesaro out of the ring and Jeff used Matt as a springboard to jump on them on the outside. It was an old school Hardy high spot. Matt hit Sheamus with a few chops and walked him around the outside of the ring. Then Cesaro drove Matt Hardy’s face into the ring post and the ref counted to 10 to make it 3-1 in favor of the Raw Tag Team Champs.

Cesaro hit Matt with a snap suplex and did some jumping jacks in the ring then he pointed at the ticking clock. He tagged Sheamus back in and they stomped at Matt in the corner. Sheamus locked in a headlock on Matt and kept him slowed down. At this point, Sheamus and Cesaro needed to waste as much time as they possibly could.

Sheamus wrapped Matt up in the ropes and hit him with the Ten Beats Of The Bodhran. Sheamus knocked Matt off the apron and tagged Cesaro in. The Swiss Cyborg kept abusing Matt on the outside and hit him with a stiff uppercut. Cesaro tapped on his imaginary wristwatch signifying that time just keeps ticking.

Sheamus later locked Matt up in a submission hold and Matt countered with a Side Effect for a two count but Matt was so tired he couldn’t even get the leg hooked. Cesaro got the tag and locked in a sharpshooter. Jeff Hardy jumped in and broke up the hold at the last moment.

Sheamus came from behind Jeff and pulled him off the apron smashing his face against the apron. Cesaro beat Matt down in the corner as the crowd cheered for Matt to make a comeback.

Matt tagged Jeff back in the match and hit a backslide pin, then Jeff landed a split legged leg drop and pinned Cesaro for a three count. The match is now 2 falls to 3 in favor of Cesaro and Sheamus.

Jeff later hit an inverted atomic drop on Sheamus but couldn’t get the pin. Sheamus hit a running knee on Jeff and he tagged Matt in. Matt hit a tornado DDT on Sheamus but the Celtic Warrior kicked out at two. Matt hyped up the crowd and Cesaro ran in just to get sent back out. Sheamus tried to take advantage and ended up sending Matt into the turnbuckle.

Sheamus placed Matt on the top rope and Matt fought back to knock him down. Hardy hot a moonsault on Sheamus, but Cesaro jumped in to break up the pin at the last moment.

Matt grabbed Sheamus from the apron and hit him with a couple strikes but Sheamus hit back and headed to the top rope. Matt climbed up to join him and hit Sheamus with a top rope Twist Of Fate. 1-2-3 and this match was tied at three falls apiece.

With under three minutes left this match was in sudden death. Jeff got the tag and looked to finish Sheamus as he still sold the top rope Twist Of Fate. Jeff climbed to the top rope and looked for a Swanton Bomb, but Cesaro pulled Sheamus outside. So Jeff just jumped on both of them on the outside.

Sheamus was rolled back inside and Matt and Jeff both jumped on Sheamus. 1-2- and Cesaro broke up the cover. Matt got busted open and was bleeding pretty badly at this point.

They fought on and Matt hit Sheamus with a jawjacker. The only problem was Sheamus wasn’t the legal man. Matt looked for a Twist Of Fate but Sheamus shot him into the ropes. Jeff got the blind tag and hit a Swanton Bomb but Cesaro jumped in and pinned him to get the winning fall.

Cesaro immediately ran outside the ring to waste time and Jeff followed him around.

Jeff hit a Twist Of Fate in the closing seconds but the time counted down as the ref was counting the last fall. Winners and still Raw Tag Team Champions: Sheamus and Cesaro.

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Little Miss Bliss met The Boss in Dallas and this crowd was ready to see these two women go at it. Sasha Banks got a great ovation as her music hit. Alexa Bliss came out looking annoyed to be in Dallas, but then again she’s good at looking annoyed to be anywhere.

Sasha got behind Bliss and Alexa wrapped herself in the ropes as she commanded the ref to get her off of her. Then they locked up for real and Banks got on a side headlock. Bliss hit a shoulder tackle and then they shot off the ropes. Banks hit a dropkick and Bliss rolled out of the ring.

Banks stood there and beckoned for her to come back as the ref counted. Bliss returned to the ring and Banks chopped her and then got off an armdrag and her double knees in the corner.

Then Bliss bent her arm like it was broken to show off her double-jointedness again and fooled Banks and the ref into making them think she was injured. Bliss suddenly hit Sasha with a forearm to the face and tried to pin her but it didn’t work.

Sasha tried to hit a Bank Statement and Bliss rolled out. Bliss said “I don’t need this, I’m the champ” and tried to walk up the ramp but Banks ran out to get her. Banks got on the apron and Bliss pulled her off the apron and smashed her back. That looked like it hurt.

Bliss stood on Banks and kicked her. She rolled Banks back in the ring and kept up the abuse on Sasha. Bliss drove Banks against the mat and hit her with two knee drops with a flip in between them. Bliss locked in a stretching submission hold on Banks and ordered Banks to tap out. She finally let go but Bliss soon dropped Banks’ neck against her knee but Sasha wouldn’t tap out.

Bliss hit Banks with one forearm shot after another and then Sasha locked in a headlock and hit a suplex to the turnbuckle on Alexa. This gave Sasha some time to recuperate and regain her senses a little bit.

Banks hit the double knees and a couple clotheslines, Bliss went to kick her, but Sasha caught her leg and kicker her. Banks hit a belly to back suplex and a running knee for another two count on the Raw Women’s Champion.

Bliss caught Banks in the corner and hit her with a flipping powerbomb for a two count. Then Bliss started to throw a little temper tantrum and positioned Sasha on the mat while she climbed to the top rope.

Bliss hit the Sparkle Splash on Bliss, but Sasha got up a knee and locked in a Bank Statement. Alexa fought to get to the rope and did just that but not after a bunch of drama. Bliss rolled outside to collect herself.

Bliss snapped Sasha’s head over the middle rope from the outside. Soon Sasha hit a move against the barricade outside and sent Alexa back inside. Bliss kicked Banks off of her and rolled back outside.

Bliss hit Sasha with a right hand between the ropes and Alexa stayed outside. Alexa Bliss stayed outside while the ref counted to 10 and she let him. Alexa Bliss lost the match to Sasha Banks but retained her Raw Women’s Championship.

After the match, Sasha Banks ran up the ramp and jumped Alexa Bliss. She beat down Alexa and tossed her against the entrance set. Then Alexa got the upper hand and drove Sasha’s head off the announce table. Bliss got Sasha up on the announce table, but Banks reversed it and sent Alexa to the floor. Bliss landed like a cat on her feet, but Sasha jumped down with her double knees down on Bliss to leave her on the ground while Sasha’s music played on.

Banks didn’t get the Raw Women’s Championship, but she certainly didn’t lose any heat.

Miz vs Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Miz came to the ring with Maryse and his Miztourage and looked sure of himself. Curtis Axel was wearing a suit and Bo Dallas looked like a reject from a hippie biker gang. Dean Ambrose was super over with the Dallas crowd as they popped for his music big time.

Dean started things out by rolling out of the ring and taking the punishment right to Curtis Axel. Then he returned to the ring to beat on Miz. Dean left to ring quickly and jumped Bo Dallas. Then Dean jumped back in to continue his work on Miz.

Axel distracted Ambrose and Miz jumped him from behind. Miz hit a knee to the back a couple of times and got a headlock in. Miz hit a couple starter moves on Dean for a two count.

Miz choked Dean against the middle rope and hit him with a running leg across Ambrose. Miz hit another kick as Dean tried to get to his feet. Miz continued the assault as he kicked Dean.

Miz sized Dean up, but Ambrose ducked another kick. It was short-lived however as Miz landed his turnbuckle clothesline on Ambrose. Dean tried for a Dirty Deeds, but Miz got out of it. Dean hit a swinging neckbreaker and they both got to their feet at the same time.

Dean hit a couple takedowns and a clothesline. Dean backed Miz against the corner and hit a top rope throw for a two count.

Dean tried for a suplex but Miz landed on his feet. Miz targeted Ambrose’s knee and then got him in a tree of woe. Miz kicked him a few times and hit a dropkick to Ambrose’s knee.

Miz went for something else but Ambrose returned with a clothesline that turned Miz inside out. Miz went for the Figure Four and locked it in. Ambrose writhed in pain as he struggled to get to the ropes. Dean looked like he had a bloody mouth at this point and he had trouble standing up after getting to the ropes.

Then Miz started hitting his “It Kicks” which were just Daniel Bryan kicks repackaged for Miz. Dean ducked under the last kick and Miz missed another clothesline in the corner. Dean hit a flying elbow off the top rope for a two count.

Maryse got on the apron and distracted the ref. The Miztourage pulled Ambrose outside and Miz jumped outside. Dean fought everyone off and climbed to the top rope. He hit an elbow drop on all three members of the heel team and got back in the ring with Miz.

Miz caught Dean on his way down with another flying elbow but Dean hit a Dirty Deeds. 1-2- and Maryse put Miz’s foot over the bottom rope to break up the ref’s count.

The action moved to the outside and chaos ensued. Once it returned to the ring Bo Dallas hit Dean in the back of the head and Miz pulled off a Skull Crushing Finale for the win to retain the IC Title.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match)

“There are few things in this world I like more than hurting Roman Reigns” Braun Strowman once said. So now must be a very fun time for the Monster Among Men.

When Braun Strowman came out it looked at the ambulance on the side of the ramp and nodded his head as if to say, “that’ll do.” Roman came out to his usual mixed “thunderous reaction.”

Roman ducked a clothesline right out the gate and got shoved across the ring for his troubles. Roman tried for a shoulder tackle, but Braun just knocked him down. Strowman hit Reigns with a couple of splashes and stalked him from there.

Roman already looked hurt as this crowd chanted for and against Roman. Braun hit Roman with a hammering fist to the illegal chest protector as he rolled out of the ring. Braun followed him but ended up getting thrown against the ringpost.

Braun fell to the ground due to the force of the post shot, but Strowman drove Roman against the post to even things up. Roman took a trip to the ring steps and Braun rearranged the furniture further as he picked up the steel steps and hit him with the steps. “The Big Dog is being turned into a puppy,” Michael Cole said.

When they returned to the ring Roman tried very hard to put Braun down but nothing he could do worked. Strowman lifted Roman up and smashed him against the mat. Roman yelled at the ceiling and ran at Braun but met a boot to the face.

Braun hit a running powerslam and tried to cover for the pin but stopped because this is an ambulance match. The commentary team tried to cover for him saying he was confused.

Braun picked up Roman to carry him to the ambulance but Reigns slithered out of it and returned to the ring. Roman hit a Samoan Drop on Braun and Strowman kicked out like it was a pin attempt.

Roman hit a drive-by to Braun’s shoulder and continued the abuse on Strowman’s surgically repaired arm. Roman went under the ring and grabbed a chair. He hit Braun with a couple chair shots to Braun’s elbow and Strowman seemed hurt. Roman measured Braun for another shot, but when Strowman got hit he just absorbed it and it didn’t seem to phase him. Roman hit him again but Barun no-sold it. Braun ripped the chair out of Roman’s hands and tossed him against the barricade.

Braun tossed Roman up the ramp and stalked him up to the entrance. Braun drove Roman’s head off the entrance set and walked over to the commentary booth where he prepared it for damage by taking out all the monitors. Braun positioned Roman for a powerbomb but Roman got out of it.

Reigns hit Strowman with a few shots and dazed the big man. Suddenly Braun grabbed Reigns and tossed him against the ambulance. Braun got down and opened the back of the ambulance while he grabbed his injured elbow.

Strowman walked over to pick Roman up and carry him to the open back door. He dragged Roman to the back of the ambulance but Roman bounced Braun’s head off the ambulance instead.

Braun tried to push Roman into the ambulance but he hung on to the doors. Roman hit a Superman Punch that caused Braun to sit in the ambulance. Roman opened the other door to the ambulance but Braun kicked him in the face. Roman hit another Superman Punch but Braun still resisted being put inside the ambulance.

Braun grabbed a backboard from the ambulance and whacked Woman across the back with it. Then he sent to the backboard crashing down across Roman’s back. Braun then tossed Roman across the stage in the wrong direction of the ambulance.

Braun ran at Reigns, but Roman moved and grabbed him. Roman turned it around on Braun and sent him through the entrance. The crowd popped hard and the entrance set was destroyed. The LED display around the new hole in the set flickered as these two huge men struggled to get to their feet.

As Braun got to his feet Roman looked perplexed as to what he could do next. Roman tried to get Braun to the ambulance. Braun pushed Roman off of the entrance ramp and almost caught Roman with the side of the ambulance.

Roman hit Braun with a light and went for a spear. Braun Strowman moved out of the way and Roman’s own momentum sent him into the ambulance. Braun closed the doors behind him and won the match.

The doors were kicked open and Reigns speared Strowman. He beat Braun down and used the doors as a weapon against Braun. Then Roman closed the doors of the ambulance on Braun Strowman and drove the ambulance out of the arena.

Reigns parked the ambulance in the backstage arena and then backed it against a WWE trailer as hard as he could smashing the ambulance and the trailer. Roman fell out of the driver’s seat as backstage personnel surrounded the ambulance to check on Braun.

As Roman walked away a stunned Kurt Angle showed up and ordered people to help get Braun out of the ambulance. They used a crowbar to try and pop open the door but it was to no avail. While Jamie Noble tried to pop the door open with a crowbar Curt Hawkins came out to the ring.

Curt Hawkins vs Heath Slater (Bonus Match)

These guys were obviously thrown on the card at the last minute. They came to the ring still putting on their pads and tape. They wrestled around in the epitome of a cool down match while all the announce team could do was talk about Braun Strowman being trapped in an ambulance.

“We want Balor” chants broke out in Dallas and they were right in wanting Finn on the show. It makes little-to-no sense why he wasn’t on the show.

The match was interrupted by the sounds of sirens blaring as they showed the garage area in the arena. A firetruck showed up followed by an ambulance (that was quick response time) and Kurt Angle directed them to.

The bell rang and JoJo announced Heath Slater won the match although the finish wasn’t on television. The firefighters brought the jaws of life to cut open the ambulance.

The emergency workers kept working on the ambulance for what felt like forever. It felt real and you have to give WWE credit for doing it this way. When they finally got the door open people swarmed the ambulance and brought out a gurney.

They called for Braun, and he crawled toward the door. Braun looked bloody and beaten. He tried to get to his feet but fell on his face. He looked cut up and his elbow was bleeding as well as his face. This was all fake blood but it felt and looked very real. Braun fought off the emergency workers and WWE officials but kept falling as he tried to get to his feet.

Finally, Braun got to his feet and kept walking backstage. He was limping badly and left the shot while Kurt Angle looked on. Angle looked worried and people didn’t seem to know what was going on.

if that was a double-turn for Braun and Roman then WWE finally did something they were supposed to there. Either way, it was still pretty hardcore for a WWE show.

Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe (Universal Championship Match)

The dream match was finally upon us and Brock Lesnar was looking to turn Dallas into Suplex City. The crowd chanted for Joe loudly before Brock’s entrance. But once Lesnar came out it was all serious business from there.

JoJo made the ring announcements and this had a real big match feel to it even though it was 10:55 by the time Paul Heyman grabbed the mic from her to introduce his client.

Joe jumped Brock from behind while Heyman was introducing him and the fought on the outside. Joe sent Brock through an announce table with a uranage before the match even began.

Brock got back to his feet and struggled to get back in the ring. The ref checked on Brock as the crowd chanted “Joe’s gonna kill you.”

The bell rang and Joe hit him with an elbow in the corner. Joe hammered Brock with some headbutts and followed it with some knees. Brock got off some knees of his own and the two wrestled in the turnbuckle.

Anyone who was wondering if WWE would let Joe look strong in this match already had their answer. Brock pushed Joe against the corner and drove some shoulders into Joe.

Samoa Joe hit Brock with a headbutt and tried to lock in the Coquina Clutch. Brock fought off so he couldn’t lock it in and made his way to the ropes. Then Brock hit Joe with a German Suplex.

Brock came behind Joe and hit another German Suplex. Then another.

Brock tried to grab Joe again but Joe held on in the ropes and hit a low blow to Lesnar. Joe hit a uranage and Lesnar slowly got to his feet. Joe tried another Coquina Clutch and Brock fought off again.

Brock started to turn his usual shade of purple as he looked like he was being put to sleep. Lesnar stopped fighting Joe off and suddenly hit a side suplex to break up the Coquina Clutch.

The two separated and Brock ran to Joe but he moved and The Beast Incarnate ate a post. Brock turned around quickly and hit two German Suplexes and followed it with a third.

Brock tried for an F5 but Joe locked in another Coquina Clutch. This was a video game match. Brock tried to break up the hold by driving Joe against the turnbuckle but Joe didn’t break the hold.

Lesnar dropped to his knees and turned purple. Suddenly Brock Lesnar popped Samoa Joe up in an F5 and hit his devastating finisher.

Brock Lesnar rolled out of the ring to get the hell out of there. Booker T said Samoa Joe’s stock went up in his book while Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman left still with the Universal Championship in tow.