It might sound crazy, but WWE follows the UFC on twitter. It’s true. UFC and WWE are competition to a great extent. However, UFC is on the list of 359 people the official WWE twitter account follows out of the 8.8 million followers they have.

WWE also follows Zack Sabre Jr. and it was no secret they wanted him badly after he blew them out of the water in the Cruiserweight Classic. The British star elected to keep doing his thing for now on the independent circuit all over the globe rather than take a WWE contract. But it appears WWE might still have a candle burning for Zack. Then again, WWE follows ZZ from Tough Enough and the Anonymous Raw General Manager on Twitter too, and last we heard there was no desire for either one to come back since they left the WWE picture.

WWE also follows a couple accounts of factions of superstars, The Authority and The New Day and those accounts haven’t posted since 2015. It gives this writer hope we might see Rob Van Dam in a WWE ring again sometime before he retires because he is on the list as well. Adam Rose’s bunny also made the cut.

It also kind of confirms the fact Dean Ambrose’s legit Twitter account is @TheDeanAmbrose because they follow that too. The Lunatic Fringe has never used it though. Dean’s description for his account is, “They made me get a twitter…Fine…Enjoy.” The only thing Dean has done on Twitter is retweet a message sent to him in 2012 which says, “red plaid shirt, whiskey sours, breaking bad.”

If music’s your thing, then Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line also got WWE’s official Twitter account to click follow.