Ryback has been keeping busy since his departure in WWE, he has a new line of supplements, a really good podcast and he’s still booking independent dates across the country for promotions that pay him what The Big Guy’s worth.

Ryan Reeves will appear at the MCW Pro Wrestling show tonight at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department in Hollywood, Maryland. Apparently he still wants to get fed, and Reeves is choosing MCW’s show to satisfy his appetite.

He will be wrestling in a 8-man tag match alongside Bruiser and The Hell Cats (that sounds like the name of a middle aged garage band). In all seriousness, The Hell Cats which consist of Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve are an incredibly entertaining tag team with a lot momentum going for them.

Ryback’s team is facing a team headed by Big Sean. No, we’re not taking about the rapper who used to date Ariana Grande, we’re talking about the son of legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Big John Studd. Big Sean Studd has been working extensively with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion in Texas and the six-foot-ten, 280lb second generation wrestler very well might be on his way to big things soon if he keeps at it. Studd will be leading Jeremiah, Rayo, and Andy Vineberg into battle tonight against The Big Guy’s team.

It’s nice to see Ryback is still getting into the ring. He’s doing what he loves and still making a living doing it. It would be nice to see him back in the WWE someday, and as they say in regards to wrestling, especially in World Wrestling Entertainment: “anything is possible.”

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