It’s been an interesting week for WWE, there’s no denying that. The McMahons kicked off Monday Night Raw and announced that they will be collectively running Raw and SmackDown Live moving forward.

That means WWE had to make some changes, and Paige unfortunately had to be relieved of her duties as SmackDown General Manager.

It looks like the McMahon shake up has also caused WWE to nix plans for a heel turn which had been in the works for a while now.

Back in November, Shane McMahon won the WWE World Cup, and the right to call himself the best in the world. Shane’s victory was baffling to most fans, but it seemed to be the start of something much bigger.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, original plans called for Shane McMahon to turn heel in January, but plans for his heel turn have been completely dropped.

Raw dominated SmackDown Live at Survivor Series this year, but it’s also being reported that there are no plans to follow up on that storyline either.

Are you happy that the McMahons are in charge of both Raw and SmackDown, or would you have rather seen Shane turn heel? Sound off in the comments below.