There are plenty of superstars on WWE’s roster who simply don’t get their just desserts. Some are cast to the side, but for others it could mean a repackaging from WWE’s creative team. Drew Gulak is a cruiserweight with exceptional skill and talent but his old gimmick just wasn’t working.

A few weeks ago Drew Gulak kind of went insane after a loss on 205 Live. He grabbed the microphone and went off about how 205 Live needed a change and then he stormed off. Now Gulak is appearing with a “no fly zone” gimmick where he preaches the importance of technical wrestling and not taking so many aerial manoeuvres.

He speaks about a better 205 Live and has the cadence of a ticked-off politician. Gulak wants to make a change in the way the cruiserweights in WWE are wrestling. It will be a hard battle and a slow process. But Drew Gulak wants it for the betterment of 205 Live.

If this gimmick isn’t a nod to Randy Orton and Rip Rogers about the entire “…..dive” tweet deal then it’s the biggest coincidence we’ve ever seen. But Gulak is doing a great job as he continues his campaign toward a return to old school wrestling.

Let’s hope WWE lets this entire story play out because it looks like it might have some legs to it. Drew Gulak seems to be pulling it off and his mission is clear. He wants to fix 205 Live and make it great again. Gulak is focused but he knows patience takes time and apparently he has all the time in the world. He’s been working on this evolution in his character for a bit now and it seems to be gaining some serious steam.

To be honest, this gimmick might see him snapping and going completely insane. The 205 Live guys are obviously not going to stop diving because that’s what pro wrestling has evolved into. But Drew Gulak’s new gimmick of preaching a message of days-gone-by is still seriously entertaining to us.


  1. I think the protest board should be attached to a kendo stick and used to beat the high fliers other then that I don’t see a point in a large protest sign that obstructs fans view.