woken matt hardy

Woken Matt Hardy has officially arrived in WWE, and on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw he cut a promo on Bray Wyatt that can only be described as “wonderful.”

Loyal soldiers have been lining up to join Matt in The Great War, and Bray Wyatt has been put on notice.

When Broken Matt Hardy introduced The Final Deletion to the world in the summer of 2016, it got a lot of attention. WWE tried to capitalize on all of the hype by having The New Day battle The Wyatt Family at the Wyatt Family compound, but it just wasn’t the same.

A feud between Matt and Bray is something fans have been hoping to see for a long time, and now that it’s finally underway it looks like we could be seeing something special in the weeks to come.

CageSideSeats notes that WWE officials are considering bringing back The Wyatt Family compound for a future match with Bray Wyatt vs. Woken Matt Hardy.

This could mean great things for fans of Woken Matt, as Matt’s creativity mixed with WWE’s production value could create a very interesting match.

It was recently reported that Vince McMahon is fully behind the Woken Matt Hardy character, and he sees the opportunity to cash in, so hopefully Matt will be spreading Woken Wisdom to the WWE Universe for a long time to come.