When someone leaves WWE it’s seldom “goodbye for good” because it’s mostly “see you later” at this point. Therefore you can never count someone out when they leave WWE because all it takes is an open line of communication and you never know who could be coming back sooner or later.

Neville walked out before Raw on October 9th which was strangely the same night Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship during the final segment of the show.

PW Insider reports their sources in WWE have told them that the line of communication between Neville and WWE has gotten much better recently and some are expecting to see a return for The King Of The Cruiserweights very soon.

Some sources are saying Neville could be back by the end of the month. One source actually told them it wouldn’t be surprising to see Neville back by the end of the week (although that information couldn’t be totally confirmed).

The important part is that WWE and Neville are still talking and it looks like they might have figured something out. Or at least they’ve gotten to the point where they can discuss the notion of him coming back. Either way, it’s progress.

Neville left WWE under a sea of intrigue concerning him being upset over creative direction, lack of pay, and royalties. Other backstage issues might have irritated him as well. But it looks like that might be water under the bridge at this point if WWE can convince Neville to make a return soon.

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