clash of champions

It’s time for Clash Of Champions. Not only will the WWE Universe be treated to the final WWE pay-per-view of the year, but fans will also get an answer to whether or not Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would have a job at the end of the night.

AJ Styles battled the Modern Day Maharaja and with The Singh Brothers still by Jinder Mahal’s side, who knows how that might change things?

The Riott Squad were enjoying their first taste of a WWE pay-per-view however they were lumberjacks but the SmackDown Women’s Title match was still set to be plenty exciting.

With so many unsettled scores there were a lot of ways WWE could go with things. So let’s get right to the action.

Mojo Rawley vs Zack Ryder

Mojo Rawley got brand new entrance music and it sounded like the theme for a classic Sega Genisis game which isn’t always a good thing. Ryder came out to his old music although it did sound a little different too which makes me wonder if it got a CFO$ makeover as well?

Ryder got things started off quickly and they moved outside for a bit. Ryder kept control until they made it back in and Mojo caught his former partner with a big spinebuster.

Mojo stalked Ryder around the ring and laid on the punishment with right hands and a splash for a two count. Ryder jumped to the top rope and Mojo pushed him off sending him tumbling to the floor. Then Mojo ran around and hit a shoulder tackle on Ryder sending him into the barricade.

Rawley kept Ryder in a headlock until Ryder fought out. “Where’s your killer instinct, huh?!” Mojo yelled in Zack’s face as Ryder slapped him following it up with a clothesline and some forearms in the corner. Ryder hit two Broski Boots but Mojo got his foot on the rope when Zack tried for a pinfall.

Mojo hit a chop block to the knee followed by a running forearm punch in the corner and that’s all she wrote for Long Island Iced Z.

Winner: Mojo Rawley via pinfall

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Roode (US Title Match)

Roode and Ziggler have been working with each other since The Glorious One was first called up to SmackDown Live and the addition of Baron Corbin and the US Title really made this contest interesting.

Ziggler and Roode ganged up against Corbin to start this one off and clotheslined him over the barricade on the outside. But once Corbin was back, he was not happy taking off Bobby Roode’s head with a clothesline.

Once they got in the ring, Baron Corbin dismantled Bobby Roode and taunted the crowd.  Corbin went outside to put Dolph out of action with the help of the barricade and then returned to take the fight to Roode. After a side slam from Baron, Ziggler jumped in to break up the pin.

Ziggler was taken out by Corbin and Roode clotheslined Corbin in the corner and hit a blockbuster from the second turnbuckle for a two count. Baron rolled out and Roode blocked a Zig Zag, then Ziggler hit a Fameasser but Corbin broke up the pinfall attempt.

Roode took out Ziggler and Baron hit the Deep 6 on Roode but he kicked out because everyone kicks out of the Deep 6.

Ziggler went for a Superplex on Roode but Corbin powerbombed both them in a tower of doom for another near fall on both guys while Baron crawled from one to the other.

Corbin took a shoulder to the ring post and Ziggler tuned up his band for a Superkick but Roode reversed with a spinebuster and a Glorious taunt. Glorious DDT was reversed by a beautiful jumping DDT from Ziggler for a very close two-count.

Corbin was sent over the top rope again, and Ziggler almost got pinned after a Glorious DDT but Corbin pulled him out and hit a backbreaker on the outside. Then Baron rolled Roode in the ring for some reason even though Dolph was still on the inside selling the Glorious DDT.

Baron went for the End Of Days but Ziggler jumped up and hit a double Zig Zag and pulled off the pinfall.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were talking about how they’re going to make the whole two referee situation work. Bryan couldn’t find a shirt to fit him either.

Baron Corbin was very upset about losing his US Title and he threw a trash can backstage while spouting off about how he was cheated because Ziggler didn’t belong in the match

Rusev and Aiden English vs The Usos vs The New Day vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable (SmackDown Tag Team Title)

The while Rusev Day gimmick is way over as it should be because every day is Rusev Day. Aiden English started to sing the 12 Days Of Rusev which was a parody of the 12 Days Of Christmas and it was just great and the crowd was very into it. Rusev was eating up the Rusev Day chants and Aiden asked for an encore and the crowd popped loud but as he started singing about the 13th Day of Rusev, he was interrupted by Benjamin and Gable.

Big E dumped a Booty-O’s box full of pancakes over a child during their entrance and I still don’t understand the whole pancakes thing. The Usos came out and did their own version of the 12 Days Of Rusev while they just yelled “lock down” twelve times and it was pretty nice actually while Xavier Woods passed out pancakes to people at ringside.

They all tried to pin each other in the beginning and then there was an eight-man brawl for a bit. Kofi hit a dive on one side and Uso hit one from the other side. Shelty hit a top rope throw on Jimmy Uso for a two count and Big E took some punishment to Shelton with a Unicorn Stampede.

Rusev took out both members of the New Day and then started laying in punches to everyone as the “Rusev Day” chants broke out.

Kofi got double teamed by Shelty and Benjamin but Kofi caught a kick to Gable’s face. Then Gable returned with a rolling kick to Kofi before Usos kicked Gable after Aiden English ducked.

There was a double cover and the ref counted but both people kicked out at two. Big E and Jey Uso started mouthing off and went at it. Everyone in the match caught a Superkick after that until Gable and Benjamin blocked theirs at the same time. Benjamin took out Jimmy and Gable locked on a Texas Cloverleaf on Jey. Shelty kept anyone from getting to Jey to stop him from tapping, but he eventually got free.

My WWE Network froze and when it came back, Rusev was getting a hot tag and he locked on the Accolade onto Gable. Big E plucked Rusev off and the Big Ending ws interrupted. Rusev hit a Machka Kick and Big E kicked out at two.

Then Rusev slapped The Accolade on Big E who tried to get up but couldn’t until Gable picked Rusev up and hit a German Suplex. Gable hit another German Suplex to English and then another to Big E.

The Usos made a blind tag, hit a Superkick and nailed the splash for the win to retain.

Winners and STILL the SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Charlotte Flair vs Natalya (SmackDown Women’s Title Lumberjack Match)

Didn’t they used to call female Lumberjack matches, “Lumberjill matches?”

Flair was tossed to the Riott Squad and they stomped at her and rolled her back in. Then Nattie tossed Charlotte to Lana and the other heels for a minute. They were telling a story where Natalya just wanted to win at any cost.

Nattie choked Charlotte using the middle rope and then went for a dropkick but ended up outside. However, Mella just rolled her inside without applying any damage.

Charlotte made Natalya pay for it though with some chops and a backbreaker before smashing Nattie’s face against the turnbuckle. Nattie countered a move and Flair almost ended up in the Sharpshooter but she countered out.

Flair was tossed outside and all of the heel lumberjacks went to town on Flair and then they looked up to see Naomi jumping on all of them with a springboard dive to the outside. Charlotte was rolled in the ring and Tamina nailed her with a kick. Then Nattie locked in the Sharpshooter but Flair would eventually find her way to the bottom rope.

Suddenly the heels dragged Charlotte outside and beat her senseless.

Mella grabbed the Money In The Bank briefcase and almost cashed in but Ruby Riott jumped in and took her out of the ring. Everyone started to brawl on the outside and Charlotte Flair hit a huge moonsault on everyone from the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Nattie put Charlotte back in the ring and almost had the Sharpshooter but Flair sprung back to life and locked in the Figure 8 for the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair via submission

After the match was over Natalya said she did nothing wrong she said Flair used her family’s name to cut corners because that’s what she does best. Then she cut a promo about being the best and carrying the division for ten years. Then she threw down some major hate on the WWE Universe for treating her with disrespect and turning their back on her. Then she said she was turning her back on all of them and she left the ring crying while people sang the “na, na, na, na goodbye” song.

Back in Jinder Mahal’s locker room, The Modern Day Maharaja couldn’t be disturbed so The Singh Brothers spoke for him. Mahal is laughing at AJ Styles when he says he’s going to retain the title. They also said we’ll have to watch and see for ourselves whether or not they’ll be at ringside

Bludgeon Brothers vs Breezango

The Bludgeon Brothers were out, hammers and all and they looked ready to make short work of Breeze and Dango.

Harper took out Breeze and tagged Rowan who stalked Dango around the ring. Breeze hit Rowan with a crossbody but was caught. Dango saved his partner, but Breeze took a sick bump thanks to a boot nonetheless. Dango was hammered from behind and Breeze was smashed against the apron.

Dango took 2B’s Double Crucifix Bomb for the win and that was quick.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers via pinfall

They got on the mic afterward and said the future holds more bludgeoning and then Harper slapped Rowan to pump him up before they yelled the name of their team. Hmmm, they’re scary.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were interviewed backstage where they said the Yep Movement will carry on. Then they were asked what if they lose and neither of them said anything before just walking away.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura (Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan as special guest referees and if KO and SZ lose, they’re fired from WWE)

Let’s see if Daniel Bryan will take a bump here. There was a fair amount of trash talking before both Daniel and Shane called for the bell at the same time to start the match.

Orton went for a quick cover and both Shane and Daniel slid in for a count but Sami kicked out. However, both referees’ counts were totally off-synch with each other. It was a confusing match with some strange possibilities unfolding in front of this Boston crowd.

Everyone was pretty over in this match as each performer got their own chants from the crowd as the match progressed. KO and SZ used some tandem offense against Nakamura and followed it up before Nakamura started to return fire.

Shane McMahon’s earpiece fell out and he had to wade it up and put it away. It’s a good thing there’s another ref in the match. KO complained about Daniel Bryan’s referee skills while Sami got a tag to lock up with Orton. Randy countered but couldn’t get to the tag before KO cut him off.

KO and SZ cut the ring in half and isolated RKO as best they could but he finally broke free and tagged Nakamura as Owens was tagged in. Shinsuke nailed some kicks and knees all over Kevin before bringing, even more, knees into him in the corner.

Nakamura hit Good Vibrations and scored a two count followed by another kick for another two count. Nakamura locked in a triangle and Bryan counted when Kevin’s shoulders were down.

Sami hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for another two count. KO and SZ used some tandem offense to take Nakamura out and threw back to his corner.

Orton hit a superplex on Sami but KO pulled both Orton and Nakamura to the outside. KO cleaned off an announce table and they prepped Nakamura for something crazy.

Shane held Nakamura down while KO hit a splash from one announce table to the other busting it perfectly in the process. Orton hit his elevated DDT on Zayn and geared up for the RKO. Orton hit the RKO and covered Sami but KO jumped in and pushed Bryan on top of Shane. That wasn’t a bump but it was sure physical.

Orton got up and got in Daniel’s face, then he suddenly turned around and hit an RKO on Owens. There was a nice spot after that where Sami and Randy rolled each other up one after another and each ref counted. Then Shane refused to count three on Orton.

Daniel got in Shane’s face about it and Sami rolled Orton up. Daniel Bryan went for a very fast count and made the pinfall.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn keep their jerbs!

Winners: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens via pinfall

AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship Match)

Styles started out by kicking Jinder’s leg out from under him. Mahal retreated to the outside and AJ followed him to kick his leg again to soften him up for his Calf Crusher later on.

Mahal hit a chop to the throat but he was still favoring his leg. Jinder caught AJ and sent The Phenomenal One into the ropes sending the WWE Champion bouncing to the floor. Mahal tossed AJ against the barricade and Styles accidentally pulled a piece of the protective barrier out in the process exposing a piece of the metal underneath. Then Mahal sent AJ right into the exposed metal barricade which is something we’ve never seen before so at least they’re trying new things.

Styles was really selling his rib injury as Mahal sent him bouncing off the announce table before rolling him back in the ring to continue picking him apart with some slow and grueling submission holds.

AJ fought back with some chops but Mahal sent him right back into the turnbuckle to target his ribs even more before latching in another stretching submission hold. Styles took some more punishment from Mahal before he climbed to the middle rope and hit a chop across Styles’ forehead.

Then Mahal perched himself up for another shot but AJ nailed him with a dropkick out of midair which sent Jinder rolling to the outside while the referee started his ten-count. Styles moved to the outside and countered Jinder’s counter to kick him in the head. They moved back in, but Mahal knocked AJ’s legs out from under him while trying for a springboard. Jinder hit a gutbuster for a two count.

Jinder sat AJ on the top rope and hammered away at him but Styles slid under him and hit an electric chair drop on Mahal so he could recover a bit after all that damage to his core. AJ unloaded on Mahal with some strikes and hit a forearm to a seated Maharaja.

AJ tried to get Mahal up in a fireman carry but failed, then he hit the fireman’s carry neckbreaker while using Jinder’s own momentum against him off the ropes. Styles tried for a Styles Clash, but Mahal backed him into the turnbuckle and hammered away at him. He hit a flapjack on AJ and he fell ribs first.

Mahal went for a suplex but AJ reversed into a bridging suplex for a two count. Styles went for another sliding forearm to the face, but Mahal caught him with a boot to the face and then he hit a slam for another two count.

AJ hit a Pele Kick but Jinder blocked the Styles Clash again. Mahal hit a running kick to the face for another two count. Jinder sat AJ Styles up for something on the top rope but AJ hit a Pele Kick leaving Mahal on the top so AJ pulled the rug out from under him causing Mahal to hit the canvas hard.

AJ hit a springboard 450 splash but the Singh Brother tried to drag Jinder out of the ring. AJ hit one brother with a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor and nailed the other with a Styled Clash to the floor outside.

Mahal ducked a Phenomenal Forearm and nailed a Kahallas but AJ kicked out at two. Mahal got AJ up and acted like he was going to hit a Styles Clash but AJ rolled out of it and into a Calf Crusher. Jinder tried really hard to get out of the move, but he had to tap in the end.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: AJ Styles