Some of WWE’s top stars have been busy welcoming babies into the world as of late. Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy recently announced the birth of their new son, and 205 Live star Mustafa Ali recently welcomed a new addition to his family as well.

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Now a former WWE wrestler has welcomed a new baby as well, as the comapny announced that Attitude Era star Taka Michinoku is now a father. Michinoku took to Twitter shortly after his new child was born to express his joy.

The former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion posted the following:

This week on SmackDown Live, Randy Orton managed to hit WWE Champion Jinder Mahal with a devastating RKO.

Randy Orton didn’t wrestle on SmackDown Live this week, but he was in action after the show. According to fans in attendance, Orton faced off against Jinder Mahal, and the match ended in a disqualification after the Singh Brothers interfered.

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