WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans who should join The Authority next – Bad News Barrett, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Curtis Axel, Luke Harper, Rusev, Sheamus, The Ascension or The Miz. With over 28,000 votes, Sheamus is leading with 42%. Barrett is next with 13% and Rusev has 11% while the WWE Tag Team Champions have 10%.


  1. To be honest, after the Survivor Series in 14 I was hoping this faction or angle would dissolve. After almost 20 years of on screen authority figures its kind of a burnt out story and especially when you write things in that pretty much take away from the payoff of seeing heels get there’s. Nothing of consequence seems to happen and Brock is the only one allowed to be a bad ass and get over on the Authority and they somewhat fear him. I could sit and kvetch all day but it won’t do any good. WWE competition puts no threat to Vince to compell him or creative to change some things and fans keep doling out money to WWE for sub par product and unmotivated super stars.