All Elite Wrestling was first announced in 2019 and since then the company has grown quite a bit. AEW has been a touring brand since the beginning and they’ve brought their shows to numerous arenas so far.

Over the weekend the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view took place from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas which is a venue that has also hosted WWE events in the past. Now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE is putting clauses in their contracts with venues that state AEW can’t run a show at the same venue for a number of weeks before of after WWE’s event.

“There is an interesting note that in arenas that do rent to both AEW and WWE, WWE has put clauses in its deals that AEW can’t run a certain number of weeks before or after the WWE show, and also that AEW and the arena can’t announce the show or sell tickets until after the WWE show has taken place.”

One way or another it will be interesting to see the impact that this clause has on AEW as the company will likely have to do some extra planning when it comes to routing their shows. Stay tuned for updates.