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Bobby Roode captured the NXT Title Saturday night at Takeover: San Antonio from Shinsuke Nakamura in a match that was both Glorious and controversial. It didn’t take much time for his peers to react on social media, and there were some pretty good reactions. But first, here’s a tweet from the man himself displaying two of his most prized possessions together on what we can only assume is his hotel bed before some well deserved rest.

You can’t spell title without the first three letters of the word, and apparently, Tommy Dreamer knew this when he tweeted out the following picture message to congratulate the Glorious one on his title win last night.

Dreamer’s tweet did not go unnoticed, as Bubba Ray Dudley not only commented to congratulate Roode on his victory, but also give Dreamer a little grief for that side-boob action.

The Glorious one himself even had to reply to Tommy’s sincere congratulatory tweet in a way that only he could.

There are some who would say that Bobby Roode would make a Glorious Paul Heyman guy someday, and Mr. Heyman was quick to congratulate both Nakamura and Roode on their stellar match last night.

Austin Aries found himself grappling with Roode in Dixie Carterland, and now they find themselves in NXT together. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived sent out this tweet to Roode to not only congratulate Roode, but also the entire NXT crew for a really good night of wrestling. Takeover: San Antonio might have seemed like it could have been a weaker card, but it ended up more than surpassing expectations held by fans.

Taz spent a good amount of time in TNA calling Roode’s matches, but tonight all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the show.

Mexican wrestling legend and current booker of The Crash promotion, Konnan also had some very kind words to say to congratulate the Glorious one on his victory as well.

Bobby Roode replied to Konnan by simply saying: “Thank you. Much respect.”

By the way, if you’re wondering how Shinsuke’s knee is doing it can’t be all that bad because Nakamura made no mention of it in his first tweet since his NXT title loss.

Last night was Glorious, who knows what the Royal Rumble will hold?

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