Everything has come to this. We’ve followed these stories as fans and it’s been touch and go at times. Virtually every part of WWE has seemed to morph over that last few months and it’s been fun to follow along with the unexpected.

WWE has done their best to overcome the odds including arrests, allegations, and controversy but WrestleMania 34 happened on April 8th, 2018 anyway which was a night nobody will ever forget who was able to watch it happen live.

Whether you were in the Mercedes Benz Superdome or sitting at home, it was impossible to avoid the feeling that something special was happening throughout this night. Some might have been tuning in to see Ronda Rousey’s in-ring debut alone, but they also saw a lot of excellent action along the way that could create new fans which is the greater goal.

Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return is also a moment that could make tears well up in our eyes as we exclaim “yes” in jubilation while shooting our fingers toward the sky. Let’s just hope it turns out well for D-Bry because Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn don’t seem to care that he is on the verge of being shelved again if he fails one post-match impact test.

Screaming fans filled the arena and although not every story came to a full close there were certainly enough bookmarks for another great Show Of Shows.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle RoyalThis match started in a fury with everyone already in the ring. Aiden English was the first one out of the match but it would be very likely he would appear again for the US Title match.

Curt Hawkins took a hard face-first bump when he was eliminated and plummeted to the ground and R-Truth had a chance to dance with Goldust before the Bazaar One tossed him over and then dabbed in the ring… the dance move.

The Revival tried to stick together as they said they would be the first tag team to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. As Mike Kanellis bit the dust the ring was still full of Superstars wasting a little bit of time in the match.

Matt Hardy tried to get people’s attention as he did his turnbuckle head smashing spot with Goldust but the ring was too crowded for anyone to really notice which was sad.

Zack Ryder was also put out by Mojo Rawley as he was preparing for a Broski Boot. Apollo was eliminated and Shelton Benjamin and Rhyno. Soon Kane was throwing everyone he could over and the ring was clearing up fast.

Suddenly, John Cena was seen in the crowd as a fan because The Undertaker hasn’t done anything yet.

People soon started emptying out of the ring pretty quickly. Apollo was taken out by Dolph Ziggler and Goldust took out a couple people with his signature powerslam. On a side note, Goldy’s face was painted in spots and he had spots all over his attire too which was a great way to honor Dusty Rhodes. But it didn’t stop Ziggler from eliminating him.

Hardy and Tye Dillinger had a nice little standoff in the ring before Matt threw him over the top rope. Ziggler fell off Kane’s back and was eliminated and then Corbin eliminated him.

Matt Hardy took Baron down in the corner and Mojo hit a sick faceplant while Jim Ross really put him over on commentary while he said: “Mojo doesn’t know how good he can be.”

Corbin and Rawley ganged up on Hardy and were about to throw him over and suddenly the screen went all Wyatty and he appeared inside the ring. He was teaming with Hard to work in tandem to take out Mojo Rawley.

But then Baron Corbin took Bray out with an End Of Days. Suddenly, Matt Hardy eliminated Baron Corbin and he was declared the winner since Wyatt was never in the match.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match was over, Hardy and Wyatt hugged and posed together in the middle of the ring. That was quite an epic moment and it feels like this is the beginning of another chapter for Hardy and Wyatt.

Although this was an amazing moment for Wyatt and Hardy it was during the first hour of the kickoff show so it wasn’t on the USA Network.

Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali – Cruiserweight Title Match

These two fought hard for this moment and it all came down to this. They were on the kickoff show, but the crowd cheered them like it was part of the main show.

“It’s WrestleMania baby! Let’s show them what it’s all about!” Cedric yelled at Ali as the two slapped hands and got to work. That was pretty cool and a nice touch for this new Cruiserweight Division as Alexander continued to shout “show me that heart!” to Ali.

After Mustafa Ali countered another move from Cedric he yelled, “give me that soul!”

After that, it got pretty stiff for a minute with some chops and snug dropkicks. Alexander hit a beautiful dive over the top rope onto Ali and then they returned to the ring to continue this evenly matched contest.

Ali hit a nice combination of moves but only scored a two count out of it.

Cedric and Ali moved to the top rope and Alexander almost fell off the back after a stiff chop but he regained his balance to fight on. Suddenly, Mustafa Ali hit a wonderful looking top rope Spanish fly that really took the life out of Ali.

But Mustafa fought back and got to a point where he could try for his his top rope 0-5-4 move but Alexander pushed him off the top rope.

Alexander went for a Lumbar Check but Ali dodged out of it and hit a tornado DDT followed by an 0-5-4 but Cedric got his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin at the last moment.

They showed John Cena in the crowd once again and he looked impressed by the Cruiserweight action.

Alie knocked Cedric down again and tried for another O-5-4 but Cedric Alexander rolled out of the way and Ali ate nothing but canvas.

At that point, Cedric Alexander knew he had this match won. He started landing stiff back elbows into Ali’s face and then he turned to him as Mustafa fell limp and grabbed Cedric’s side. “Stop!” Cedric said and then he followed with another back elbow that turned Mustafa Ali inside out.

After that Cedric Alexander hit the Lumbar Check and all he needed was to make the cover and suddenly the Cruiserweight Division finally had a champion after the title was vacated for so long.

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Beth Pheonix was on commentary and so was Paige. Michael Cole made a comment about how Paige was injured and couldn’t compete but he didn’t say how injured she was. Paige said she would compete, “maybe next year” though so it sounds like they might be kayfabing that injury a little bit still.

Billie Kay (with no Peyton Royce), Dakota Kai, Bianca Bel Air, and others from NXT were in this match to fill out the numbers. Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks got their own entrances.

Carmella started things off by waving her Money In The Bank briefcase around and everyone jumped on her to throw her over the top rope. Then they all attacked Dana Brooke after circling her like a pack of sharks.

The NXT girls had a moment where they took everyone down and looked great while they started an NXT chant.

Everything broke down for a bit and both members of Absolution were eliminated before Kairi Sane hit a top rope elbow onto Ruby Riott. Lana was eliminated and the field was thinning while the NXT girls stuck it out.

Suddenly, the Riott Squad started taking over in a big way while they started to use their numbers and alliance to their advantage. Becky Lynch hit Becky Lynch with her hair and it cracked like a whip before Lynch eliminated her too.

Then Sasha Banks eliminated Dakota Kai which is a great way to draw heat because Kai has some major fans.

As Beth Pheonix put Mickie James over as the woman with the most WrestleMania experience in the match she was eliminated. Then Billie Kay was eliminated before Sasha and Bayley teamed up to eliminate Nattie, Liv Morgan, and Ruby Riott but Sarah Logan hung on.

Logan picked up Banks and put her on the apron. Then Sasha and Bayley finally met face to face in the match as the last two in the match.

As Sasha and Bayley looked like they were shaking hands and then Bayley tossed Banks over the top rope.

Suddenly, Bayley turned around as she realized Naomi was still in the match. The Glow hit the Rear View and threw Bayley over the top rope to win the match.

Winner: Naomi

The Miz vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins – IC Title Match

The Miz came out with his Miztourage by his side but he told Axel and Dallas to go to the back because he wanted to do it the right way. This was a nice nod to his new character change.

Finn Balor came out on the stage and he had a bunch of people all wearing his rainbow Balor Club who Micahel Cole described as the LGBTQ community of New Orleans.

The three of them started off this match trading off moves and near falls until The Miz was sent over the top rope leaving Balor and Rollins in the ring. Balor clotheslined Rollins over the top rope too and hit a running plancha to the floor.

Rollins hit an extremely high crossbody on Balor and The Miz took advantage for a near fall as John Cena kept watching from the crowd as a fan.

Rollins his a blockbuster on The Miz from the top rope and almost scored a pinfall but the champ kicked out. The Miz tried for a Skull Crushing Finale but Rollins avoided it and Miz took him out witha a clothesline. The Miz nailed a high clothesline on Rollins off the top rope and locked on a submission after a near fall.

The Miz was on fire as he hit a neckbreaker on Balor while kicking Rollins in the face at the same time. This was actually a really geat match for The Miz and an impressive showing as he latched a headlock on Balor.

Balor fought out and took The Miz down a couple of times and nailed a chest stomp which is a move that always hurts. Balor kicked The Miz in the ear and sent him over the top rope and then Rollins sent Balor over.

Rollins hit two suicide dives on both sides of the ring and they returned to the ring while Balor hit a sling blade and almost won the match in the process.

The Miz kicked Rollins in the back of the leg and took him out to then focused on Balor’s leg followed by locking in a Figure 4 leglock. Suddenly, Rollins hit a top rope splash on The Miz as he had the move locked in.

Soon the action went outside and Rollins grabbed Balor’s leg as he trick to kick him from the apron. Rollins forced Balor up into a powerbomb and they teased the barricade bomb that injured Baror at SummerSlam a couple years ago. They did that same spot last week and just like before Balor got out of the move but they’re going to have to do that spot eventually and I don’t want to see it happen.

The action returned to the ring and Balor laid out Rollins and then he climbed up to join The Miz on the top. Rollins hit a bucklebomb on The Miz and then Rollins hit the Superplex followed by a falcon arrow. Suddenly The Miz nailed a Skull Crushing Finale on Rollins but he kicked out at two… nobody kicks out of a Skull Crushing Finale.

Balor blocked a Skull Crushing Finale and ended up on the apron where he kicked The A-Lister down. Balor climbed to the top rope but The Miz hit the ropes and Finn crotched himself while Rollins laid on the apron and took a little nap for a moment.

The Miz and Balor were on the top rope and Seth jumped on them. The Miz landed a Skull Crushing Finale from the top rope on Rollins and The Miz covered but Balor nailed a Coup De Gras on The Miz’s head to break up the pin.

Balor hit the sling blade and the shotgun dropkick on The Miz and went to cover him, but Rollins nailed a curb stomp on Balor. Then Seth waited a little bit for The Miz to get in position when he hit another curb stomp. All it took was to cover The Miz for the three count at that point and we had a new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

Charlotte sat on a thrown as they played her father’s entrance music and some buff dudes in spartan outfits guided her down from her throne before her actual entrance started. Then her Spartans followed her to the ring

Asuka was focused from the get-go as it was explained on commentary that Charlotte Flair would enjoy the champion’s advantage so if she lost by DQ or count out then she wouldn’t lose the title.

As they felt each other out in the ring John Cena watched on from the crowd and he looked like he was enjoying the show. Flair nailed some chops and Asuka returned with a couple kicks and then she landed a hipattack on Flair whick sent her falling from the apron crashing on the barricade.

As soon as Flair got back in the ring Asuka kept kicking her. The Empress locked The Queen in an armbar but Flair got out and returned fire with a takedown.

Asuka looked like she was trying for the Asuka Lock but Flair dropped to her butt and knocked Asuka off of her. Flair landed a knee to the back of Asuka’s head and climbed to the top rope but Asuka was waiting as Flair went for the moonsault as she grabbed her with her legs and locked on the Asuka Lock.

Flair brilliantly transitioned this move into a Boston Crab but Asuka got free once again. Flair shoved Asuka down as she kept kicking her and John Cena looked on from his seat as Asuka missed a hip attack and Flair nailed a kick instead. Asuka blocked a move on the apron and nailed a suplex onto Flair on the outside.

They both laid outside the ring for a bit but Asuka started to stir first. Flair jumped in the ring first even though she didn’t need to becuase she wouldn’t have kept her title.

“I’m the queen,” Charlotte said as Asuka kicked her down. Then the Empress Of Tomorrow climbed to the top rope and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.

Asuka stretched Flair’s arms back as she stomped on her back and then they took things to the top rope. Flair chopped her a few times and climbed to the top rope and Flair hit a top rope Spanish Fly on Asuka like a cruiserweight.

Asuka reversed a Natural Selection from Flair into an armbar but Flair flipped out of it and tried for a  Figure 4 which was blocked. Asuka tried for another Asuka Lock but Flair got to her feet and pinned her down for a two count.

Flair nailed a spear out of nowhere on Asuka but only scored a two count out of it. The expression on Charlotte’s face had tears of frustration as the battle took a lot out of her but Asuka didn’t seem to be wavering in the slightest.

Flair got for Figure 4 on and transitioned into the Figure 8 and the Asuka tapped out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match was over Asuka grabbed the microphone and said, “Charlotte was ready for Asuka! Congratulations!” and then they hugged

Suddenly a referee ran down the ramp as Charlotte was leaving up the ramp and he bolted over the barricade into the crowd.

The referee said, “he’s here!” and then John Cena took off up the ramp and headed to the back as Flair continued her celebration.

Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal vs Rusev – US Title Match

To say that Aiden English got a great reaction is an understatement. The Rusev Day chants were deafening and then Aiden English came out and had a shaved head which he didn’t have when he was eliminated from the battle royal earlier tonight. He must have run backstage to shave his head because I’m not going back to look because I don’t care THAT much, but it’s still interesting if true and I’m pretty sure he had his hair earlier.

Randy tried for an RKO early but Roode avoided it and sent him over the top. Rusev sent Mahal over the top rope too and then Rusev tried for a suicide dive but he was blocked. However, The Lion Of Bulgaria did land a nice somersault cive on Mahal and Orton.

They returned to the ring where Roode hit a blockbuster on Rusev for a two count and Jinder went in the ring but he was soon sent outside again. Roode and Orton traded chops and Randy nailed his signature snap powerslam for a two count.

Orton and Roode ended up on the top rope and Randy nailed a suplerplex but Rusev broke it up. Jinder slid back in the ring and tried to work a deal out with Rusev to take everyone out but Rusev turned on him.

Rusev stomped Jinder down in the corner so can we say he’s a babyface now? Rusev nailed a slam for a two count and Mahal rolled outside.

Rusev followed but Orton ended up suplexing him into the barricade. Jinder took out Orton and went back insdie where he was hit by a backbreaker from Roode for a two count.

Bobby Roode made everyone say “Glorious” and scored a two count but Orton made him eat the ring post and then the grabbed Rusev to try for a draping DDT but Rusev stepped down and hit some kicks. He nailed a tackle on Orton but Randy ducked and Rusev missed a jumping backheel kick.

Then Orton nailed the draping DDT on Rusev as he egged the crowd on who really wanted it to be Rusev Day. Orton prepared for an RKO and Aiden English ran in but he ate an RKO. Then Rusev ate an RKO and then Jinder Mahal took one too but Bobby Roode broke up the pin.

Roode hit a Glorious DDT  but the pin was broke up. Rusev hit a Machka Kick on Orton but Jinder just ate a normal kick. Rusev took a moment to soak in the moment as Rusev Day chants started and they were very loud.

Rusev tried for an Accolade but Sunil Singh distracted him and Jinder Mahal hit the Khallas for the win to become the new United States Champion.

Winner: Jinder Mahal via pinfall

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

This match was in an interesting position on the card. Triple H and Stephanie got an entrance complete with a ton of bikers filling the long ramp leading the way toward the ring in the middle of the Superdome. They rode bikes to the ring as well and both did his signature entrance where Triple H spits water out at the crowd.

Then it was time for Kurt Angle to come out and everyone said, “you suck” even though they love him and Ronda Rousey can show what she really has in the ring.

Rousey wore a little plaid kilt like Roddy Piper and Rowdy sports bra like she came ready to fight. She was also likely wearing the same jacket that Piper’s family gave her that belonged to Hot Rod.

Rousey bounced around the ring as the crowd chanted for her and then the four of them met in the middle of the ring. Triple H had some words and then Stephanie McMahon gave Rousey a pieface. Steph ran over and grabbed Ronda’s hair to pull her down to the mat.

Then the bell rang.

The men started as Angle and Trips worked and the crowd chanted “you still got it” at Angle. As Kurt took Triple H down with an armbar, the crowd chanted “we want Ronda.”

Steph stepped in the ring to draw Rousey in and distract Angle and then Triple H sent Angle over the top rope and into the steel ring steps. As Triple H trashtalked Rousey, Steph banged Angle’s head off the steps and Rousey ran around but it was too late.

They moved back into the ring where Triple H hit a suplex and some right hands. Triple H hung Angle over the middle rope and distracted the referee so Stephanie could choke Angle with the rope. She was just all over her role as a heel.

Triple H hit a spinebuster as Michael Cole shouted, “vintage Triple H” but it only got a two count.

Corey Graves asked how funny it would be if Ronda Rousey was never tagged in as Triple H kept Angle from his partner. They were fingertips away, but Triple H shot Angle into the oppisite corner. Triple H went for a punch and Kurt ducked.

Triple H almost hit Stephanie McMahon but he stopped and the two met eyes for a moment while Steph jumped down and Angle nailed a suplex. But just as Angle was about to make a tag, Steph pulled Rousey off the apron and Ronda might not have landed right on that one.

Kurt Angle sent Triple H over the top rope and suddenly Rousey was back on the apron ready for a tag. As the crowd’s antcipation mounted Angle built up the drama until he tagged in Ronda Rousey.

Ronda pulled Steph in the ring and lit her up with a throw and then grappend all around her to hit a suplex. She started landing strikes on Steph and the Billion Dollar Princess dropped.

Ronda pulled Steph by the hair and tossed her across the ring before hitting another throw on McMahon. Steph was begging off and pleading with Ronda but Rousey grabbed her and went for an armbar after flipping her around. Rousey paused for a second and then locked it in.

As Stephanie tried to counter it, Ronda fought on to lock in the armbar but Stephanie McMahon put a thumb in Rousey’s eye to break it up.

Steph tried to tag Triple H in but he was still out on the outside. Then Stephanie hit a DDT and pulled Rousey’s arms back in a submission hold. Then Steph kicked Rousey down as she continued to sell her hurt eye.

Steph mocked Rousey’s stance for a moment but Ronda grabed her by the throat and hit a mean samoan drop for the 1-2 but Triple H pulled the referee out of the ring at the last moment.

Ronda said she’s not done beating up his wife and Triple H pulled her out of the ring and sent her face-first to the floor. Angle ran around and attacked Triple H.

The two ended up on the announce table and Triple H sent Angle crashing over the Spanish announce table but it didn’t break. Then Triple H went back in the ring to check on Stephanie McMahon for a second who is still the legal partcipant in the match.

Suddenly Triple H looked up and Ronda was there and ready to fight. He stood up to her as she raised her fists and bounced around. “Let’s go, come on!” she shouted but the referee didn’t want it to happen. Triple H told the referee it was okay and approached Rousey.

The two squared off and Rousey lit him up with punches. She blocked a kick from Triple H and turned it unto a fireman’s carry but Steph pulled him down and slapped Rousey. Then Ronda chased her around the ring and bounced her off the barricade.

Then Stephanie McMahon reversed a move from Rousey and sent her face-first into the post.

Suddenly Angle was in the ring with Triple H and he hit a couple belly to belly suplexes and his trio of German suplexes. Triple H avoided an Angle Slam and tried for a Pedigree but it was blocked into an Angle Lock which Triple H got out of and then he tried for another Pedigree but it was reversed into an Angle Slam for a two count.

Angle put his straps down and went for the Angle Lock but Steph turned him around to poke him in the chest and yell in his face. Then she kicked at him and Kurt grabbed her foot. As he paused the crowd obviously wanted to see him hurt her so he put the Angle Lock on her until Triple H came up from behind him and nailed a Pedigree but Rousey jumped in to break up the pinfall.

Then Triple H set Rousey up in a Pedigree but she turned it into an armbar and Triple H tried to get out of it but finally Stephanie jumped Rousey and latched on a rear naked choke. Rousey got to her feet and flipped her around. Then she latched on an armbar onto Stephanie McMahon and Triple H got caught in an Angle Lock.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were villains in distress until they grabbed onto each other and sent Angle into Ronda Rousey breaking up the double submission hold.

Triple H shoved Angle’s shoulder into the post and Steph did the same to Rousey. “You never hit a steel post like that in the Octagon, Ronda” Corey Graves said.

Steph and Trips tried to set up stereo Pedigrees on both Ronda and Angle but Kurt flipped Triple H over the top rope and Rousey turned hers into a backdrop and locked in another armbar on Stephanie. McMahon didn’t want to tap, but then Ronda really tightened her hold and she immediately tapped out.

As Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle celebrated in the ring Dana White cheered on at ringside.

The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers vs The Usos – SmackDown Tag Team Titles

The New Day had a bunch of little people in pancake costumes run to the ring with them and then a few of them started doing the worm which was just something I needed to see and I’m glad it happened so I can tell you about it.

The New Day dropkicked Harper and Rowan off the apron to start the match and Kofi landed a Trouble In Paradise on Jey for a two count. Then The Bludgeon Brother took Big E out on the outside in a big way.

Harper and Rowan started to eyeball Xavier Woods who had a nice afro for Mania. He tried to defend himself but Harper and Rowan ended up putting him spine-first into the ring post thanks to a powerbomb.

Then Harper and Rowan hit a double team move on Kofi and they tossed Jimmy out of the match. Harper and Kofi were in the match and just as Kofi was about to eat the Crucifix Slam the Bludgeon Brothers knocked Big E down as Jimmy Uso came in the ring to fight them off.

Jimmy hit a splash on Harper for a two count and Jey got the tag. Rowan knocked Jimmy off the apron and Jey hit a kick to the back of Harper’s neck. Then both Usos jumped on Rowan but he just grabbed them out of the air. Then the Usos hit a double suplex on Rowan as Big E lifted Harper up for a slam but Kofi got the tag and Harper just slammed him down.

This match was pretty much trying to stop the Bludgeon Brothers at this point as Harper went to the top rope. The Usos nailed a double superkick and climbed up to get Harper. But both Jimmy and Jey were sent to the floor thanks to Rowan after Big E jumped up too.

Rowan held Kofi up and they hit a top rope powerbomb on Kofi Kingston to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Winners and new SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Bludgeon Brothers

John Cena vs The Undertaker

John Cena’s music hit and he came out in his wrestling gear. “It’s about to get interesting,” he said as the bell sounded and Jojo announced that a match was happening.

A referee ran down to the ring and apparently told Cena something he didn’t want to hear. He grabbed the referee by the shirt as the crowd stared with their “Undertaker” chants.

John Cena took a second and then he jumped out of the ring to head up the ramp. Suddenly, the lights went out and Elias’s guitar strummed as the spotlight hit him at the entrance.

Cena was back in the ring and right now was not the time that the crowd wanted to hear a concert. As Elias started to play the intro to House Of The Rising Sun he said, “oh were you expecting somebody else?!” Then he said that “somebody else” doesn’t have his athletic talent or charisma that he carries with him. That someone else doesn’t have the unlimited talent that he carries in his soul either.

Elias said it wouldn’t be another walk in the park with him and he got in the ring. He told Cena to back up and said he’ll take it from here. Elias said he’s looking at his crowd who paid to see him as Cena went back to his seat in the crowd.

Elias started singing a song about Cena and how he’s not what Big Match John expected but it’s Elias’ night. He said John Cena sucks because he’s like all of you. Then John got in the ring and took Elias down with a couple shoulder tackles and a 5 Knuckle Shuffle.

Elias took an AA and rolled out of the ring as Cena looked on and picked up the pieces that fell off of Elias’ ring attire during the attack. Suddenly, as “Undertaker” chants broke out John Cena’s music went off once again signaling the end of the segment.

Cena looked disappointed, posed on the turnbuckle and walked up the ramp. Suddenly his music stopped and he froze in his tracks. The lights went out and The Dead Man finally did something.

A spotlight hit the ring where Undertaker’s hat and coat laid in the middle of the ring. A lightning bolt hit his ring attire and suddenly it disappeared. The lights went back off and suddenly the gong went off. It looks like The Undertaker got his hat and jacket back after he left it in the ring in Orlando.

There was plenty of fire during The Undertaker’s entrance and when The Phenom finally appeared the roof blew off the Superdome.

Taker made his way to the ring in his usual slow fashion as Cena remained frozen in the ring. As Undertaker took off his jacket he kept his eyes locked on John and after he took off his hat thunder clapped and the lights fully came on.

As soon as the bell sounded, The Undertaker took ti to Cena with some body shots and followed with a flying clothesline. He grabbed Cena’s arm and forced him back down while still keeping ahold of him. Then The Undertaker pulled off the Old School move as he walked the top rope and jumped down to hammer on Cena.

Taker kept hitting running clotheslines and then he hit the snake eyes and a big boot followed by a legdrop. Then Taker tried for a chokeslam but Cena nailed a sideslam.

Cena took a moment and then he attempted the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Taker sat up and nailed the chokeslam. The Undertaker took down his straps and signaled for the end.

Then The Undertaker hit the Tombstone piledriver and covered John Cena for the win. That was seriously all she wrote, step by step.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

The term surreal to describe the feeling seeing Daniel Bryan “yes” his way to the ring was almost too much to really take in at once. It might take multiple viewings to really appreciate how big of a win this is for Daniel Bryan already.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn jumped Shane and Daniel to start off the match and quickly sent Shane over the barricade. Then KO and SZ hit another popup powerbomb on the corner of the ring apron onto Daniel Bryan.

Shane jumped to Daniel’s side and paramedics ran down as Kevin shouted, “why’d he make us do that?! You made us do that!” while pointing at Shane.

Shane got in the ring and told the referee to ring the bell and he immediately started by knocking Sami off the apron so he could hammer away at Kevin Owens. When Sami came in, McMahon knocked him around as well. Shane nailed a kick on KO and he fell.

Shane was selling his injuries and they might be legit as the medical staff tended to Daniel Bryan at ringside. Kevin stomped down on Shane and tagged in Sami Zayn to continue the assault on Shane. He kept pinning him over and over again in an attempt to regain his job at SmackDown Live but Shane kept kicking out.

Wouldn’t it be great if life just worked like this and everytime anyone was fired they got to fight their old boss and if they win then they get their jobs back? People would start bulking up when they’re given their two week’s notice or something. Anyway, back to WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn double teamed Shane McMahon and Zayne choked him against the bottom turnbuckle with his feet. They weren’t doing all that much but wasting some time a little. Zayn hit an exploder suplex and McMahon kicked out of another pin as Zayn continued to stalk him and apply damage.

The crowd was kind of dead for a bit as Shane McMahon fought out of his situation but KO nailed a Superkick and Sami hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count.

Sami let McMahon crawl to his corner because Daniel Bryan wasn’t there. Then Sami went for a Helluva Kick but McMahon ducked it and it hung Sami up. Then McMahon climbed up and went for a coast to coast which he nailed but it looked like it about murdered him as he writhed in pain.

Shane went for a pin but KO hit a senton to break up the pinfall. Then Kevin hit a bullfrog splash but Daniel Bryan jumped in the ring and broke up the pin.

“Yes” chants erupted as D-Bry got to his corner. Shane avoided a cannonball from Kevin as McMahon tried to get to his partner.

Sami got the tag and grabbed Shane to keep him from making the tag. As Daniel Bryan rallied the crowd, Shane McMahon got to his feet with Sami on his back and he almost made the tag until Sami fell back and caused Shane to sell more.

But McMahon crawled around and finally made the tag and Daniel Bryan jumped in the ring to light up the Superdome.

D-Bry hit a high knee and a baseball slide to Owens on the outside followed by a knee from the apron. The Daniel nailed a top rope dropkick and kipped up. He nailed a suplex on Kevin Owens and had them both set up on either corner as he ran from turnbuckle to turnbuckle hitting dropkicks.

Sami begged off but Daniel Bryan nailed one last dropkick before going up to the top where he went Sami back down to the mat. Bryan stalked Sami as Kevin grabbed his foot and Sami Zayn hit a Helluva Kick for a near fall.

KO took the tag from Zayn and kicked Shane off the apron into the barricade. “You should have stayed retired!” Kevin yelled before hitting a pop-up powerbomb for a two count.

Sami got the tag and Shane took out Kevin Owens on the outside. Sami stalked over Daniel Bryan while he hammered down yelling, “how could you do this?!” Suddenly, Daniel Bryan no-sold a shot and started lighting up Sami with strikes and then he started with some Yes Kicks when Sami dropped to his knees.

Daniel Bryan got the entire Superdome to chant “yes” and then he nailed a running knee and got in a Yes Lock and then Sami Zayn tapped out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax – Raw Women’s Championship

Nia Jax took out Mickie James from the start and drove her outside. She bounced her off the aponr and then ragdolled her around while bashing her into the barricade. The match hadn’t even started yet when Bliss ran around and tried to hit Nia but she no-sold it so Bliss ran off. Nia delivered a Samoan Drop to Mickie James on the outside just to be safe.

When Nia got in the ring Alexa slapped her but after that Jax just tossed her around. Nia screamed at her and Bliss screamed back at her.

Nia hit a gorilla press slam on Bliss and she landed very strangely and rolled out of the ring. Bliss grabbed her title and went to leave but Nia steamrolled over her and rolled her back in the ring.

Bliss hit a thumb to the eye and tried to get Nia off her feet with some kicks but it didn’t work well. Nia went for a kick in the corner but Bliss moved and landed a double knees to Nia’s knees which was a smart move to take Jax off her feet.

Alexa Bliss stood on Nia Jax as she stomped down on her knee and then she delivered a kick to the back. Nia ran at Bliss but she moved and Nia Jax took a shoulder to the post which sent The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls to the outside.

Alexa Bliss climbed to the top rope and landed a Twisted Bliss on Nia Jax on the outside.

Once they returned to the ring Bliss hit a dropkick to Nia Jax’s back and looked her in the eyes to say, “I’m so sorry” before her sad face changed into a sadistic smile before she hit a DDT. 1-2- kickout. Then Alexa threw a Bliss Fit.

“You’re nothing without me!” Alexa Bliss yelled as she slapped Nia.

“Shut the hell up!” Nia responded as she rose to send Bliss down. Then Nia sent Bliss into the ropes and hit a clothesline. Bliss nailed another righthand to Jax and she climbed to the top rope but Jax grabbed her and Bliss tried to turn it into a sunset flip but Jax blocked it and sent her into the turnbuckle.

Bliss held onto the ring apron and dragged it across the ring to distract the ref so she could nail another thumb to the eye. Then Bliss scratched and clawed at Nax’s face as Nia flung her into the mat.

“I loved you!” Nia Jax yelled before putting Bliss on her shoulders and climbing up to the top rope to hit a top rope Samoan Drop for the win to become Raw Women’s Champion.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship 

It’s finally time for this WrestleMania dream match built on respect and a desire to steal the show. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles both knew what they were in for and intended on deserving the title of a World Title Match at WrestleMania.

AJ avoided Nakamura’s early advances and took down Shinsuke but Nakamura soon shot back up. AJ nailed a shot to Nakamura and then he hit a knee to the face, “how do you like it?” AJ asked.

Styles hit a snap suplex and covered for a one count before Nakamura kicked out. Nakamura landed a couple forearms and AJ came back with a backbreaker. Styles kicked Nakamura in the back a couple of times and then be sat Nakamura down to kick him again.

Styles landed a flying knee drop for a two count and then he locked in a submission hold wrenching at Shinsuke’s neck. It was noted that this was the largest crowd Shinsuke Nakamura has ever performed in front of as Corey Graves says it could give him “the jitters.”

Shinsuke got to his feet but AJ nailed a dropkick that sent Nakamura rolling outside. AJ went for a flying forearm but Nakamura moved. Shinsuke noticed this in time and he landed on the apron but Nakamura nailed a kick to send AJ’s face plummeting into the apron.

Once they got in the ring Nakamura nailed some kicks and landed a straight kick off the middle turnbuckle. Shinsuke got to his feet first and said, “come on!” So Styles brought it.

But Nakamura took advantage of AJ’s advances and landed a knee and then set AJ up across the turnbuckles to land another knee to Styles’ ribs.

Nakamura hit a faceplant on AJ and applied a front face lock. He tried for a reverse exploder but AJ fought out of it. AJ reversed into a suplex that sent both guys to the ground hard.

AJ hit a forearm to a seated Nakamura for a two count. Then AJ Styles landed a pumphandle gutbuster for another two count. AJ set up for a Styles Clash but Nakamura sent him to the apron instead.

AJ went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura caught him and hit a landslide for a two count. It’s been forever since I’ve seen Nakamura hit a landslide.

Nakamura set AJ up on the top turnbuckle and climbed up to join him. But AJ slid under Nakamura and tried for a powerbomb but Shinsuke blocked it. He jumped down and AJ kicked the back of his knee while he sold the move AJ grabbed him again. Nakamura’s leg gave out and AJ locked in a Calf Crusher.

Styles had the Calf Crusher on forever until Nakamura transitioned it into a triangle lock. But AJ wouldn’t submit either. Instead, The Phenomenal One tried to get to his feet and although he failed once, he pulled it off and slammed Nakamura to the mat breaking up the hold.

AJ went to pick Nakamura up but he sold his injured back and then by the time he went back Nakamura nailed a kick but he sold his leg. Nakamura laid AJ across the turnbuckle but AJ moved so Nakamura missed the running knee.

Then Styles nailed the Phenomenal Forearm for a very close near fall.

AJ Styles went for a 450 splash but Nakamura turned it into a pinning attempt for a two count. They started trading shots in the middle of the ring and both men fell limp for a moment before springing to life as AJ lit Nakamura up with kicks and then he hit a Pele Kick to the back of Nakamura’s head.

Shinsuke returned fire in an instant with a running knee to the back of AJ’s head for a two count. Then Nakamura drove his knee into AJ Styles a couple of times and followed it up by lightly tapping on his head.

Nakamura nailed a reverse exploder suplex and ran for a Kinshasa but AJ Styles reversed it into a Styles Clash. 1-2-3 and AJ Styles was still the WWE Champion.

After the match was over, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles had a moment in the ring where they hugged and Nakamura took the title from the referee to hand to AJ Styles. Nakamura got on one knee to hand over the title in a humbling gesture but Nakamura used his postion to hit a low blow on Styles.

After that, Nakamura kicked AJ Styles out of the ring and nailed a Kinshasa to Styles on the outside. Therefore, Shinsuke Nakamura turned full heel after failing to win the WWE Championship at his first WrestleMania.

The Bar vs Braun Strowman and ???

The Bar came out in a Mardi Gras float with a brass band throwing beads to the crowd before their actual entrance started.

When Braun Strowman’s music fired off inside the Superdome the people cheered and as he roared the Mardi Gras character on The Bar’s float went scurrying away.

Strowman paused on the ramp and smiled before moving over to the float and tugging on it. Then he rolled it off the ramp which sent it crashing to the floor. This is just another notch in his destructive resume, but seriously anyone could have done that because it was on wheels.

Jojo started announcing this match without Braun’s tag team partner being announced yet and then she paused before Braun took the microphone. “I know everyone wants to know who my partner is,” Braun said and that’s why he waited until Mania. He said it’s not someone in the locker room, it’s a fan in the crowd.

“Who wants to be my WrestleMania tag partner?” Braun asked the crowd as everyone cheered. Braun left the ring and went out to look into the crowd. He got back on the apron and then he pointed at a couple people before walking out onto the floor of the Superdome to look for a partner. “He’s got 78,000 options, Cole this could take a minute,” Corey Graves said as Strowman kept walking in a sea of people.

Strowman picked a kid out of the crowd and walked him back to the ring. Braun and the kid got in the ring. His partner’s name is Nicholas.

Braun told Nicholas to stand on the apron and watch The Bar get these hands. Then Braun tossed Sheamus around and tossed him out of the ring. Cesaro tried to fight Strowman but he just got powered down to the mat.

Sheamus broke up the pinfall attempt and then Braun chased him around the ring. He hung Strowman up but Cesaro distracted him. The Bar nailed a double suplex on Strowman and then Sheamus hit a knee off the top rope to the chest.

Cesaro sat himself up on the top rope and hit a flipping legdrop on Strowman for a two count. They beat Strowman down for a bit as the crowd chanted for Nicolas who stood on the apron.

Suddenly Braun grabbed The Bar and nailed a double crossbody. Braun sent Sheamus to the outside and then Braun tagged this kid into the ring. Cesaro looked at the kid and then he tagged Braun back in. Strowman caught Cesaro and nailed a powerslam for the three count.

So Braun Strowman and Nicholas are the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns – Universal Title Match

The last time Brock Lesnar lost a match was at Survivor Series 2016 which was to Goldberg and that seems like an impressive streak but he’s only really wrestled a handful of times since then anyway. But Roman Reigns had his eyes set on the prize and intended on taking out Brock Lesnar.

Of course, Paul Heyman interrupted Jojo and did Lesnar’s introduction for him and it was pretty great because this could very well be the last time fans get to hear him do Brock’s intro.

Brock went right after Roman and hit three German Suplexes in a row but then Reigns returned the favor with two Superman Punches that took Brock out of the ring. Reigns went outside to hit another one off of the ring steps before they moved back inside.

But Reigns sent Brock over the top rope and he landed pretty hard on the outside. Reigns went outside and stalked around the ring as he went for another Superman Punch off the steel steps but Brock caught him and hit another German Suplex on the outside. Then Brock hit another one and Roman hit hard.

“CM Punk” the crowd chanted for some reason as Lesnar tore the top off of an announce table. Brock looked like he was going for another belly to belly but Roman didn’t rotate his body and he just went crashing into the Spanish announce table.

When they moved back in, Brock hit another throw and stood over Reigns. “Suplex city, b-tch!” Lesnar exclaimed before hitting a 5th German Suplex on The Big Dog.

Lesnar hit a sixth German Suplex as Coachman commented that Lesnar looks stronger as the match goes. Reigns was already blown up as he crawled to his feet and Lesnar grabbed him again to send him flying with another belly to belly that sent him outside of the ring.

Lesnar cleaned off the German announce table and moved Reigns over to it in a very forceful fashion. He sent Roman into the barricade and took his time before placing Reigns on his shoulders. But Reigns reversed it and sent Brock into the ring post.

Then Roman hit a spear on Lesnar and both men went flying clumsily over the table while Michael Cole exclaimed that Lesnar is hurt.

The crowd booed and chanted “delete” as Roman rolled Lesnar back in the ring. He hit a Superman Punch and nailed two spears in a row for a two count.

Then Reigns got to his feet first and yelled at the ceiling but when he went in for another spear, Lesnar raised his knee and put it through Reigns’ face for a two count.

Brock got Roman to his feet and nailed an F5 but Roman Reigns kicked out of an F5. The crowd did not pop because everyone saw a kickout coming because the story was always being told leading up to Roman Reigns kicking out of the F5 when nobody else could.

Then Lesnar hit another F5 but Reigns kicked out again. The crowd didn’t react once again as Lesnar looked upset and in disbelief while the announce team did their best to hype it and Corey Graves said he’ll do it as many times as necessary.

Lesnar picked Roman up and hit a third F5 but he kicked out again as the crowd started to boo big time. They had to bleep out whatever Brock Lesnar said before he got back to his feet and the crowd chanted, “bullsh-t.”

Brock sent Roman to the outside and followed him. Then Lesnar picked Roman up and hit an F5 through the German announce table which broke it. That’s four F5’s at this point and Lesnar didn’t look done.

Lesnar dragged Reigns into the ring and followed him once again. Lesnar spit a big loogie before hovering over Roman once again and then he hit another German suplex.

The crowd started to cheer as Lesnar picked Roman up for a fifth F5 that he hit but Roman kicked out again and the crowd started to boo big time at this point. Lesnar started to take off his gloves as Paul Heyman screamed to “finish him!”

Lesnar stood over Reigns and started raining down closed fists to Reigns as the crowd chanted, “this is awful.”

Reigns was busted open by an elbow from Lesnar and he was bleeding badly. He bled like a stuck pig as he hit a spear on Lesnar and then another one as blood sprayed across the ring. He covered for a pinfall but Brock Lesnar kicked out.

With his face a crimson mask, Reigns went for another spear but Brock Lesnar scooped Roman Reigns up and landed another F5. 1-2-3 and Brock Lesnar is still Universal Champion.

After they got Roman Reigns all cleaned up they showed him making the long walk up the ramp without the Universal Title.