matt hardy

Woken Matt Hardy has been going back and forth with Bray Wyatt for weeks now on Raw, and he has brought The Great War to the plane known as WWE.

Matt and Bray are most definitely on a collision course right now, and Matt has teased that The Final Deletion is coming for the former member of The Wyatt Family.

Of course Matt doesn’t like to do things on his own, as he’s received help from his loyal soldiers in the past, and now it appears that one of the most loyal members of House Hardy has made his return.

Matt recently posted a new video on his YouTube channel, and it shows Vanguard-1 flying over the Lake of Reincarnation and reunited with the Woken One. Check it out below.

At this point it remains to be seen if Vanguard-1 will ever appear on WWE programming, but during the Broken Universe era, Vanguard-1 proved that he can be a very entertaining character in his own right.

So far Matt has just been going it alone in WWE as Jeff is on the sidelines recovering from an injury, but hopefully we’ll see him team up with some of the other members of House Hardy in the weeks to come.