Matt Hardy has been out of action for months, but he recently clarified that he is not retired, and he’s hoping to return sooner rather than later.

The former Raw Tag Team Champion has been taking time off to heal from some nagging injuries, but he’s ready to step up and take on a bigger role when he eventually does make his way back to WWE programming.

Hardy recently spoke to Wrestling Inc about possibly taking on the Raw General Manager position, and he said that it would be a fresh start compared to Baron Corbin who is currently abusing his power.

“I think coming in [as GM], it would be a fresh start considering I would be a good guy in many ways. Woken Matt Hardy in being the character he is, and how over the top he is, I think he would be very entertaining in a General Manager role. I could put guys in unique situations or matches. My interactions with each and every talent would be so unique.”

“I think the funnest thing between Broken Matt Hardy and Woken Matt Hardy was the interaction I had with other performers. I think if you have Woken Matt Hardy interacting with the women’s division and all the different athletes of the men’s division, I think there would be so much entertaining tv there.”

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