woken matt hardy

You had to know this was going to happen because we live in such a commercialized culture of materialism but who can hate on action figures, right? WWE’s been in a lot of extracurricular businesses and one that they haven’t cut ties with which is awesome and not ice cream bars is the action figure market.

There have been a few incarnations of WWE action figures through the years as the contract passed from LJN to Hasbro to Jax then Mattel but you it’s hard to argue that WWE doesn’t have a great line of figures solidly in the hands of Mattel at this point. They really seem to the be on the ball and that includes not only putting out detailed figures but also putting them out in pretty rapid fashion.

When The Hardy Boyz made their big WWE return at WrestleMania 33 to invade the ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Titles and walk away with the gold it was a very cool moment. But fans welcomed Team Xtreme instead of the Broken Hardys. Now that Matt Hardy is Woken… things are going to get pretty darn cool very fast and it looks like Mattel is already on the ball.

They probably anticipated this move and already had a scan of Matt’s face in a Woken expression, and that’s exactly what it seems like they did. Capturing his wide-eyed look of Wokeness, this upcoming figure looks epic and although we just get a headshot, for now, I’m willing to bet a stellar red coat and possible Vanguard 1 is going to be included in this packaging.

Matt Hardy was so excited about this recreation of his Woken persona that he retweeted the following message hyping the debut of his Woken Matt figure due to hit shelves next year.

I might seem like a long time away, but 2018 will be here in less than a month and we waited way longer to have the Woken Hardys in WWE. So it might be no time before collectors will get a chance to add this DELIGHTFUL representation of Hardy’s Woken condition to their walls, trophy cases, or toy boxes. It is simply WONDERFUL!