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The WWE Universe is full of plenty of rumors so naturally, people get plenty excited when they hear about a new endeavor that WWE could be working on especially when it involves bringing in a bunch of new talent from another part of the world into the WWE Universe.

There were recently some rumors floating around concerning an upcoming WWE Latin American Tournament. This rumor has been out there for a while as something WWE would like to eventually do but the reports were that it was going to happen now and was in the pipeline.

William Regal recently took to Twitter in order to debunk those rumors. After all, his job would certainly require him to know about any tournament of this kind because he has so much to do with new talent coming into the company.

In a well-worded tweet, Regal said “I usually use this account for entertainment purposes only. This is official though. The WWE has no Latin American tournament booked at this time despite the news that is being reported today.”

This certainly sounds like official confirmation that this tournament isn’t going to happen.  Or at least it’s not been set in stone just yet. But you can never say never in WWE.

If you’re a fan of The Miz then you’re in luck because PW Insider reports that WWE has signed the A-Lister to a new deal with the company that will see him holding his hand up while mouths go shut until 2022.

It was reported that the belief was that WWE would have liked to sign the 37-year-old Superstar to a longer deal than that, but this is apparently what they agreed on.

A four year deal like this is still a rather good one and nothing to look down on. The Miz will likely use these extra four years in WWE to further cement himself in WWE’s culture not only with his stories in the ring but also his participation in the Marine franchise and his upcoming reality television show Miz and Mrs.

This is certainly awesome news for The Miz and WWE altogether.

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