Will Ospreay is young, hungry, and ready to do it all in the pro wrestling business. While he takes on the world’s indy wrestling scene with gusto and precision there has been an outpouring of people coming forward in the media concerning various top-level producers, actors, and celebrities and their sexual misconduct. Will Ospreay thought he would take a stab at social commentary and it didn’t turn out as well as The Aerial Assassin would have liked to say the least.

He might have only been speaking about one particular instance because this bears a striking similarity to accusations former face of What Culture Adam Blampied is currently going through. Ospreay got close to the What Culture guys during their time dominating YouTube so there might still be a friendship there. However many people didn’t see Ospreay as defending just one person and he received some controversy due to the statement’s ambiguity.

Will Ospreay has since deleted the tweet which is a huge sign he realized he made a mistake by posting this kind of remark. He might have had good intentions although it’s easy to skew his motivations into something quite misguided and offensive. But Ospreay is young and those kinds of things tend to happen on social media, just ask Lio Rush.

Ospreay went on to comment on his previous statement and was quite clear that he meant no harm by his observations when he tweeted out, “Once again I can only apologize for those I did offend. You’re not alone I went through the same. Worst thing is I get told all the time keep my mouth shut on here so now I will 100% make it up to you.”

He went on to say in an attached message, “Only a hand full of people know this. Being my family & a few friends & those affected. At age 17 I had to appear in court to give evidence over a man that targeted me at the age of 14. This man was a family friend and would stay at my house knowing full well what he did. The only reason he got caught out because a lot of us spoke out to the police about the matter. You should 100% speak up to the correct authorities about any type of assault. But I just can’t stand liars, and should learn to not tweet out my emotions. I completed worded a tweet wrong and can see I have affected so many people that I really do cherish. So sorry for not reading over it. You’re never alone. Nevertheless can only apologize once again about my wording & for making people feel like they can’t speak out.”

Hopefully, people can move on from this comment and not let the stigma of this social media faux pas follow Ospreay. He seemed sincere in his apology and has a bright future in the pro wrestling business.

But this is just another great example of the importance of reading something multiple times before you post words online that anyone with the most basic form of technology can find at the click of a button. Be careful out there in cyberspace, my friends.