Ever since Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their explosive debut in WWE by brutally attacking The Usos on Monday night Raw, WWE has been put on notice.

The Bullet Club has arrived and it seems that they could be the deciding factor at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. Many fans have been speculating about what part they will play in the main event but one theory seems to think that they could turn on their current leader.

AJ Styles only became a member of The Bullet Club when they were in New Japan Pro Wrestling because Finn Balor had left to sign a contract with WWE and begin appearing on their NXT brand. Since then Styles had been running The Club and it seemed that the trio had managed to pick up where they left off when they made the transition over to WWE.

The formation of the trio hasn’t been an easy one since AJ has found it hard to believe that he has two men that have his back no matter what. The past few weeks have seen AJ distance himself from his fellow Bullet Club brethren and instead attempt to take on the task of Roman Reigns alone but even he must be aware that he will need their help at Extreme Rules.

The great thing about an Extreme Rules match is the fact that there are no rules, anything can happen, anyone can get involved and the match isn’t over until there is a pinfall or someone submits. This could either help or hinder AJ, with the knowledge that Finn Balor could make his presence known on the WWE main roster at any time, maybe Gallow and Anderson might decide that they have aligned themselves with the wrong leader.

Reports surrounding WWE today suggested that the company is not thinking of bringing Seth Rollins back as a face because right now the main roster is over run with babyfaces and this is made even more apparent by the fact that Sunday night’s show is being main evented by two faces. So what if WWE also decide to bring Finn Balor up to the main roster as a heel?

Gallows and Anderson can decide to turn on AJ Styles because he isn’t the guy they thought he was now he has made a name for himself in WWE and take the side of their former leader when he makes his official debut. AJ Styles isn’t the kind of guy who has ever needed a team to help him settle his problems and this would be a great way of splitting them up.

It is going to be hard for WWE to allow Roman Reigns to walk out of The Prudential Center with the World Championship since almost every fan of WWE is currently on AJ’s side. This means that if the fans are going to boo the ending anyway, why not make it an emotionally brutal ending to a WWE event?

This could then allow AJ Styles and Roman Reigns to team up and even be joined by Dean Ambrose since it seems his programme with Chris Jericho looks set to be over after Sunday night. This would then allow a new formation of the Shield to take on The Balor Club. WWE made a big deal out of copyrighting the name and making the merchandise, there has to be a reason and it seems that this could be it.

Heading into SummerSlam the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena and Seth Rollins will all have made their returns so Roman Reigns could be pulled into six man tag action and how much would fans love to see The Shield 2.0 vs The Balor Club? It would be a great little programme heading into the summer season and it would be one that fans would enjoy.

It has been reported that Vince McMahon is running out of patience when it comes to Roman Reigns so why not pair him up with one of the best wrestlers and one of the best talkers in WWE? And why not set the ball in motion at Extreme Rules? Will The Club finally show their true colors or will AJ finally reach the top of the mountain?