baron corbin

On this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Baron Corbin got a new role when he informed Kurt Angle that per Stephanie McMahon, he will now be the Constable of Monday Night Raw.

Now it appears that fans can look forward to watching the heel/face authority figure dynamic play out between Corbin and Angle in the weeks to come.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE put Baron Corbin in the role because they like having a heel authority figure.

The idea is that Baron Corbin doesn’t have anyone to feud with at the moment, so the role keeps him in the spotlight and gives him the opportunity to feud with Kurt Angle.

Prior to announcing that he’s the new Constable of Raw, Baron Corbin caused Curt Hawkins to lose his 200th match in a row when he interfered, and he also cost everyone in the arena a free taco in the process.

But Curt Hawkins hasn’t lost hope, and backstage after the match he said that he’s going to end his losing streak by beating Baron Corbin.