WrestleMania 34 is in the books and plenty of people are still talking about the main event of the show. After all, everyone was pretty certain Roman Reigns would be walking away with the Universal Title after he defeated Brock Lesnar. As it turns out Reigns did kick out of the F5 when nobody else could, in fact, he kicked out of 5 F5s but the 6th one was enough to do him in.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed the main event match on Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that Roman Reigns is still planned to get the Universal Championship eventually. Then again it can all change on a dime because it all boils down to what Vince McMahon wants to do.

“Essentially, as far as I know, it’s still going to Roman Reigns and I think that he knew and they all knew this is probably one of the reasons that it happened the way it did was that this crowd there was just nothing that they could do.They could do every trick in the book, this crowd had decided that they were going to hate the match.”

He then elaborated a little bit about exactly why the decision was made to change the finish of WrestleMania 34’s main event.

“They absolutely knew this crowd was going to boo Roman Reigns winning the championship really bad and after all the work they did they understood that this was going to be the case. There are a lot of different reasons why it happened. Some of it was just the idea of fooling people. Some of it again was they knew Roman Reigns thing wasn’t getting over at all.”

It was noted that Reigns might get a better reaction in Saudi Arabia if that is their plan to make the title switch at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Some of it could also boil down to what Brock Lesnar decides to do when his current short-term deal is up, no matter how many matches it is for.

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