When the pro wrestling world lost Bruno Sammartino and it was a sad day indeed. Thousands of fans mourned his passing but maybe, more importantly, a number of people discovered his amazing body of work and appreciated his legendary accomplishments.

One thing that would really help tell the story of Bruno Sammartino would be an epic film about his life. A couple good documentaries have been produced about Bruno’s story and how his mother helped lead him out of Nazi Germany. The entire family faced great peril and tribulation but overcame so many obstacles to make the American Dream become a reality.

“Bruno was so adamant that they embellish nothing that he wouldn’t sign a movie deal,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “Because he didn’t want anything that wasn’t 100% true to be part of the story and none of the movie studios — and the movie studios wanted to take great liberties with the truth.”

Cody Rhodes who was a guest on the show at the time said Sammartino was: “one of those Daniel Bryan types, just brutally honest.”

It is probably true both Daniel Bryan and Bruno Sammartino share the trait of brutal honesty. Bruno wouldn’t accept anything except for the cold, hard truth when it came to a film about his life story especially if his mother’s legacy was going to be a part of it.

It’s a shame this film about Bruno Sammartino never came to be, but there’s always the chance of something coming out later on because the story is still compelling and amazing. But let’s hope if Hollywood does ever get their hands on the story of Bruno Sammartino and his mother they can tell it the way it needs to be portrayed as factual and not holding anything back because Bruno’s story is amazing enough without trying to change anything. After all, sometimes you have to paint with some very dark colors to make the bright ones really pop.

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