cm punk

WWE Doctor Chris Amann filed a lawsuit against CM Punk, and Chris Cabana in 2015, and earlier this week the trial officially kicked off.

Ross Berman of WrestleZone was on hand for day 3 of the trial, and he noted that Amann arrived at 9:05am, and Cabana arrived shortly after. Punk arrived around 9:10.

Timothy Gaeng’s video testimony was played, and in it he confirmed that he was the audio technician for the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Gaeng says he sat in the “ring announcer’s corner” during the match, and that he could hear anyone talking on the ring channel. Gaeng says he was aware of an incident involving CM Punk, but didn’t see Punk get injured.

“All I heard over the headset ‘is he hurt? Get him out of there,’” Gaeng said this likely came from Gorilla Position, and that he recognized Triple H’s voice, “that’s the voice I remember distinctly.”

Gaeng says voices over the headset, possibly Triple H or Vince McMahon, said “If he’s hurt, check on him,” for several minutes, but noted his primary concern was his audio duties.

Video testimony of SmackDown Athletic Trainer Larry Heck was also shown, and Heck said that he never saw a lump or infection on Punk’s back, and he never saw Punk bring up a lump or infection to Dr. Amann, or anyone else on the medical staff.

Dr. Amann radioed Heck directly about CM Punk during the Royal Rumble match and told him that Punk was “concussed.” Heck then went to Gorilla Position, and said that he doesn’t remember any other conversations, but that he told Punk to “stay with the doctor.”

Heck helped CM Punk backstage and says he witnessed Punk cuss people out and leave, but Heck and Amann tried to get Punk to stay. Punk was angered that they stopped him from doing what he was supposed to do in the match.

Video testimony from referee John Cone was also shown, and Cone said that during the Royal Rumble match he asked Punk if he was ok, and Punk responded by saying, “I’ve got a f***ing concussion.” Cone was told to tell Punk to stay down, and that WWE officials were sending Kane out to eliminate Punk early.

After Cone relayed the message to Punk, Punk responded with: “If you make me leave this f***ing match, I’ll f***ing quit now.” Cone says he repeated the direction, and Punk “pie-faced him.”

Cone says he was never made aware of, nor did he see any lump or infection on Punk’s lower back.

Video testimony of Glenn Jacobs (Kane) was also shown, and he noted that he wasn’t aware of any lump or infection on Punk’s back.

Kane confirmed he “illegally” eliminated Punk from the Royal Rumble match, which apparently caused the people in the courtroom to laugh. Kane says the elimination did occur as planned, but it possibly happened earlier, and he wasn’t privy to what Punk and Amann talked about during their conversations.