The story of Enzo Amore in WWE is a pretty tragic one. In fact, I’ve found him so fascinating that I included entire chapters about him in my last two books and you can’t teach that. But as he sets out as Real1 we might need to look back and see where he came from. After all, it could eventually be where he ends up coming back to.

I’m sure Enzo Amore is doing fine financially, but he certainly doesn’t have the royalty checks coming in like he used to. All of his remaining merch is on clearance on WWE Shop so you can get your very own Enzo Amore pillow for less than the price of shipping. I ordered mine last week.

Amore’s rebirth into Real1 is being told in his rap music and those professionally produced music videos. His first song, while it was a hate track toward his accuser was also called Phoenix where he said “still I rise from the ashes like a Phoenix” and people were gathered at a funeral. Then Enzo dragged a coffin out into the middle of the desert where he symbolically buried Enzo Amore and all the double entendre that could be mentioned in a pro wrestling sense.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Real1’s latest goings on and although his portion was in the “here and there” section it could someday drift back over to the part dedicated to WWE.

Meltzer was very careful when he addressed Real1 by his actual name Eric Arndt while referring to him as “the former and possible future Enzo Amore.” Leaving that door open for Amore’s possible return could make a lot of fans happy who never took down their Enzo Amore autographs or action figures and still sported Certified G merch because they gave 0 Dimes about what allegedly happened in Phoenix.

“The one thing is he says he was never told about a police investigation before so him being fired over the idea that he didn’t tell them, he didn’t know anyway so that’s the story,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “I don’t don’t know if they’re going to hire him back. They don’t need anyone. He isn’t that big of a draw. There are people who want him back as far as fans that there are fans that chant for him and stuff like that. I would say if I’m in that position I don’t hire him back. I don’t say never because never say never but it would be difficult.”

“I think if you kind of went out and were very apologetic and all that down the line and you can’t hold a grudge against somebody forever, he wasn’t charged with anything. The woman’s credibility was nonexistent. If you followed the case and read it up like I did I knew there was no chance he was getting charged with anything because her credibility wouldn’t hold up and when that’s the situation that’s the situation.”

Real1 is in the clear of the rape investigation and was never charged. He also claims he didn’t know about the investigation until he saw it on social media. But there is still a portion of the story his accuser told that could be true and Enzo has strangely never denied it either.

“It’s still not a good look with the idea that he was doing you know, the story that he was doing drugs with her and all that stuff before,” Dave Meltzer concluded. “Not a good look for the company. His reaction and everything that he did I feel did himself no favors so I say if I’m them then I say no. But would he do indies? I’m sure there are indie promoters who would use him.”

It was noted indie wrestling seems to be more forgiving about accusations that were later closed by the police without any prosection being handed down than the more corporate WWE.

Real1/Enzo Amore/Eric Arndt might have a great future ahead of him in the indies making towns so his loyal fans can watch him work. But in the meantime, it looks like Real1 might be working overtime in the lab coming up with his next single.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription