Plenty of guys have what it takes to be a pro wrestler, but how many people have what it takes to last nearly thirty years in the business? Not only that, but who has the ability to be a pro wrestler and a gigolo? The only name we can come up right now is Buff Bagwell (and maybe Ric Flair). Well, Buff certainly has the stuff but he’ll soon be turning a new chapter in his life.

The former five-time WCW Tag Champion was a member of The American Males and nWo. He continued to do his thing in Turner Land until they closed. Bagwell soon moved to WWE for a cup of coffee and had a match against Booker T that allegedly convinced Vince McMahon to give up on WCW as a separate brand. After that he bounced around the indie wrestling scene and had a few short stints in TNA.

But Buff Bagwell has been hard at work ever since, literally. He is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with WWE, but other than that Buff hasn’t been on WWE’s radar since they apparently fired him because his mother kept calling in sick for him.

Now it looks like Buff Bagwell is hanging up his boots once and for all, but not before one more farewell tour.

In a press release sent out today Bagwell says, “when going with the Buff Daddy character I knew it was going to be a blessing and a curse. The blessing was it was always an over exaggerated part of me so it was easy and a lot of fun to do, but when you call yourself Buff!! You better damn sure live it and be in that gym 4-5 times a week.”

“Going into my 28th year in ring performing and with injuries, and a few major surgeries over these last few years I really wanted to end my in-ring career still looking and performing like Buff Bagwell.”

If you would like to book Buff Bagwell for your next wrestling event you better get on it quick because he’s putting the final dates in his calendar. You can contact MEP Worldwide Office at (330) 837-1697 or email tara@mepworldwide.com.