If you’ve watched enough WWE in your life you know the ring steps are often a huge part of the match. Whenever two Superstars end up on the outside it is always a possibility one of these Titans of the Turnbuckle could take a bump into the ring steps.

It turns out the steel steps on the corner of the ring serve much more of a purpose than just assisting superstars to enter the squared circle. They also have a very violent purpose as well and each time someone takes a bump thanks to the steel steps the risk of injury only multiplies.

With SummerSlam approaching fast who knows what kind of antics the WWE Superstars have planned for the steel ring steps. If the fatal four-way for the Universal Title gets as brutal as we expect it to, nobody knows what kind of destruction will come up in Brooklyn.

The steel steps aren’t limited to just action outside the ring either. During some of WWE’s most intense encounters, the steel steps might find their way into the ring to be used at anyone’s discretion. Of course, when you’re in the heat of battle your “discretion” might be rather painful, especially if you’re trying to secure a hard-fought victory.

WWE’s YouTube account recently uploaded a pretty sick highlight package of ten brutal assaults that utilized the steel ring steps. Whether you’re Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Christian, or Rikishi nobody is immune to feeling the pain a set of heavy steel steps can bring.

This video will not only make you remember some of the best moments involving the ring steps but it might also introduce you to some brutal spots you weren’t aware of from the past. The video isn’t very long but it’s sure to bring a smile (and maybe a couple grimaces) to your face.