ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey is a huge WWE fan, that’s no big secret, and she was in attendance for SmackDown Live on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Rousey was there to support her friend Shayna Baszler who made it to the finals of the Mae Young Classic, but Rousey did a little brawling herself while she was hanging out in Sin City.

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TMZ reports that while Ronda Rousey was in the crowd, a 6 year old girl spotted her and tried to get a photo, but a security guard stopped the girl from getting to Rousey, and apparently the girl started bawling her eyes out.

As Ronda saw the situation unfold, she approached the security guard and jokingly restrained him. Rousey then let the 6 year old girl hit the security guard with an adorable punch, and he sold it like a champ.

Luckily the young girl got more than just a picture, because Ronda Rousey reportedly invited the girl to sit with her in the front row at SmackDown Live. Rousey may be good at cracking skulls, but on Tuesday night she brought a huge smile to the girl’s face. You can check out the adorable video below.