Nikki Bella and Lana have been out making the media rounds in support of the season premiere of Total Divas. They also graciously allowed us to tag along. The Bella Twins’ official YouTube channel recently uploaded a video showing the newly engaged Nikki and the freshly married Lana hitting the town and making tv shows. Nikki was wearing something quite fetching and Lana was cute and out of character.

By the way, let’s just do this right here. If you have a problem with Lana being on Total Divas out of character, it’s going to happen so just deal with it. She’s entertaining and Rusev should be on television at every opportunity possible. Besides, Kayfabe is dead anyway. Sorry, it was great while it lasted. But we realize WWE is a show so when someone isn’t in character then they don’t have an accent. It’s just like how Jason from True Blood sounded like a Louisiana boy instead of Australian.

If you don’t watch Total Divas, you should. If you have any reason it’s because you get to see Miz and Rusev deal with their wives. We’re not saying they’re crazy. But they’re blonde. We can say that they’re blonde. Don’t hate us.

But, whether you like it or not, the popular E! show is coming back for their spring return and there are a lot of stories to be played out on the show. We’re going to see what happens during the first draft (the week before a roster shake-up too, ain’t that nifty?) Paige is going to be in it, or not. Maybe. What knows? But what we will see is Eva Marie’s wellness policy suspension. Wonder what will happen to her? 

So, if you’re a Today Divas hater or one of the hundreds of thousands of people who tune in to watch the show. Total Divas is coming back tonight on E! and 9:00 pm with an all new episode. In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a pretty sweet video below to remind you.

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