mr. kennedy

Ken Anderson has had an interesting career that’s for sure. When he burst onto the scene as Mr. Kennedy in WWE he quickly climbed the company ladder and he found himself feuding with top names such as The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and more.

Mr. Kennedy ended up in a great spot when he won the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 23, and it seemed that he was destined to become a World Champion. Well, destiny works in funny ways and when The Undertaker had to be written off of TV due to injury, WWE decided to pull the trigger and have Ken cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

The only problem was that Ken had been diagnosed with a torn tricep, so he dropped the briefcase to Edge, and then Edge took the title from The Undertaker. Shortly after that Ken Anderson found out that his tricep wasn’t torn and he had been misdiagnosed. He then returned to action without his briefcase and one has to imagine that was a bitter pill to swallow.

Although Ken Anderson never became a World Champion in WWE, he’s no stranger to gold as he recently defended the Big League Wrestling Championship against Alberto El Patron.

Ken Anderson was met with a chorus of boos as he made his way to the ring for the title defense, and one fan in particular decided to give Ken the finger. Ken responded by laughing and then he picked the fan up, put him inside the ring and placed the title on his shoulder.

It appeared that Ken Anderson was posing with the fan for a photo op, but then he turned on his new friend and superkicked him in the face.

As you probably noticed from watching the video, the fan bares a resemblance to former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle, and Swoggle weighed in on the confrontation by telling Ken that he takes great offense to his actions.

As for Ken Anderson’s thoughts on the matter, they can be summed up with one little emoji.