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While the rest of the WWE Universe were glued to their television screens wishing something better would happen on Raw than what actually went down, the Smackdown brand brought the action to Dubuque, Iowa. The night was full of great spots, and thanks to some of the fine folks in attendance we are going to share it with you, our awesome (and intelligent) readers.

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Heath Slater and Rhyno have been bringing the fight to The Ascension recently, and Monday night’s show in Iowa was no exception. During the match, Heath took some brutal punishment which made several in the crowd feel for his kids who have to worried about their dear, old daddy Heath.

Won’t you think of the children Konnor? Please think of the children.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha battled Breezango and The Usos in a triple threat tag-team match. There were plenty of high spots during this encounter and Alpha came down with the win, but not before Gable took a substantial amount of punishment from the two heel teams.

Nikki Bella was in the house and everyone was glad to see the remaining Bella Twin in action. This might be one of the last times she is in Iowa as it has been rumored she will be taking a break from in-ring action following WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss and Natalya battled Tamina and Nikki Bella in a tag match. Just an update: Alexa Bliss still looks so damn good with that belt.

Randy Orton faced off against Luke Harper during the evening. Harper had a strong advantage for quite some time, but you know what they say about RKO’s… they always come outta nowhere.

Randy Orton was also up to his old tricks of giving the entire crowd the finger. We’re guessing officials just haven’t told him to stop doing that, or he simply doesn’t care. Either way, we love it.

The main event saw Bray Wyatt in a triple threat match against Baron Corbin and John Cena. During the bout, Bray and Corbin took a page out of The Club’s book and played a rousing game of everyone’s favorite pastime, #BeatUpJohnCena.

We’re really hoping Bray hangs onto that belt because not only does he deserve it, but he absolutely owns it as well.