santino marella

Jim Cornette and Santino Marella have had their issues in the past, and now they’ve added another chapter to their feud. Santino and Cornette got into a heated exchange during a wrestling convention in Detroit, Michigan this weekend, and you can see how the exchange went down in the video below.

Jim Cornette’s issues with Santino Marella date back to Marella’s time in OVW. Last year during an interview the former WWE Intercontinental Champion shared a story saying that Cornette slapped him in the face after he smirked during The Boogeyman’s debut.

“Jim Cornette was upset because of The Boogeyman malfunction. Cornette was really pissed some people were laughing and this was like his big debut basically I have a smirk on my face because I thought The Boogeyman was going to scare my daughter so Cornette thought I was being disrespectful so he called me to the back and slapped me in the face.”

It appears that things haven’t gotten much better between Cornette and Marella, as Cornette, and Jim Cornette later commented on the exchange via Twitter and he apologized to anyone he might have missed at the convention.