wwe 2k18

WWE normally releases their annual 2K game in the fall, which means fans can always expect the hype for the game to start heating up as the summer approaches. Last year Brock Lesnar graced the cover of WWE 2K17, and Seth Rollins revealed on SportsCenter that he will be the superstar featured on the cover this year.

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Landing the cover of WWE 2K18 is obviously a pretty big deal for Seth Rollins because he will be heavily featured in all of the promotional materials. WWE has already kicked off the promo campaign with a trailer that focuses on Seth Rollins, and the Kingslayer gets to do some serious damage to some of the most iconic items in WWE history.

In the video Rollins throws a security guard into the beloved winged eagle belt, he sets one of Ric Flair’s robes on fire, and he also takes a swing at Mankind’s mask. You can always count on WWE to deliver a solid trailer for their annual game, and this one is no exception. Check it out below.

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