Have you ever wondered what’s inside a WWE Title belt? Well, you’re about to find out. One the latest episode of the YouTube series “What’s Inside?” the hosts cut a classic WWE winged eagle belt in half and fans are treated to an interesting look at what’s inside.

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Over the years fans have seen many different WWE World Title designs, but the winged eagle is considered by many to be the greatest WWE World Title belt of all time. That’s why it is in a sense a little heartbreaking to see it get cut open in the video, but like a car wreck, it’s also hard to look away.

Check it out below.

For years now people have considered Christopher Daniels to be one of of the best wrestlers on the planet and his ROH World Championship win was a long time coming. Daniels defeated the first ever three time ROH World Champion, Adam Cole, to win the belt at the ROH 15th Anniversary Show and Daniels recently admitted to Sports Illustrated that it changed his career forever.

“I’m happy to shed the title of ‘The Best Who Never Held It,’” said Daniels. “The way I’m perceived now is forever changed. I’d resigned myself to the idea that I might not get it, and I said I’d be OK with that. Success is gauged by my ability to feed my family and provide, but just to have this title in my hands, I realized I would have been lying to myself—I wouldn’t have been OK if I didn’t win it.”