wade barrett

When Wade Barrett debuted on the WWE main roster as the leader of Nexus, it seemed that he was destined for big things. Even though Wade did find success in WWE, he was never able to solidify himself as a main eventer, and eventually he decided to part ways with the company.

The subject of whether or not WWE officials hold certain talents back has been the topic of much debate among wrestling fans, but during a recent interview with SPORTBible, Barrett indicated that he doesn’t think that the company tries to sabotage anyone on purpose.

“They [WWE] misuse a lot of guys, there’s a lot of guys you could do more with but at the end of the day they pick the guys they want to go with and go with them. I don’t think they purposely sabotage, I think there are limited spots to be at the top of the card or the highlighted guys – there are probably seven or eight guys where it’s like, ‘Ok these are our main guys going forward for the next six to twelve months’ and they need to be the guys getting the biggest reactions, being involved in the biggest storylines and stuff like that. So if there’s a guy who is getting bigger reactions than them, then I think there is an attempt to, I’m sure, make that reaction transfer on to the guys they are going with – the guys they want to push. There are just a limited number of spots, that’s the issue. You can’t have everyone in those spots.”

Neville is another Superstar who didn’t have the best run with WWE, and he reportedly walked out before Raw back in the fall of 2017.

Whether or not Neville will ever return remains to be seen, but Wade Barrett praised him by saying he’s one of the best to ever step foot in the ring.

“I think a lot of people look at Neville think, ‘Oh he’s that high-flying guy who does all the flips’, but literally everything he does, from even the most basic stuff, locking up, tying up, the way he moves around the ring; the way he reacts to anything I do to him and sells my stuff is always incredible so he’s one of the best in-ring guys ever.”