wade barrett

When Wade Barrett first made his WWE debut he shot straight to the top of the card as the leader of Nexus.

But unfortunately after Nexus fizzled out Barrett struggled to find his place on the card, and even though he managed to win championship gold, he never quite reached the main event scene again.

It’s been years since the former Intercontinental Champion parted ways with WWE, but he recently told Wrestling Inc. that he’s not counting out a possible return.

“When I left there, I was of the opinion that I was done with working there. I was pretty angry with a couple of people from when I was working there and when I left, a couple of people in management. I think time is a great healer, shall we say, and I certainly don’t have much anger left in me in regards to that now. Similarly, I don’t feel like I have an automatic affiliation with the company itself or the people who work there.”

“It’s not like I have any ingrained loyalty where I have to jump the second they call me, for example. If there were to be an offer, I would approach it as a normal business decision if it was an offer from AEW or Ring or Honor or New Japan, or anything like that. It’s simply a business decision: is it worth it, do I like the offer, do I like the pitch, do I believe what I’m being pitched is actually going to happen? That’s another big one. I would approach anything that came my way, the same I would from any other company to be honest with you.”

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