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A few weeks ago WWE announced that Lars Sullivan, EC3, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross would all be joining the main roster, and so far Sullivan is the only one who hasn’t appeared on Raw or SmackDown yet.

Sullivan reportedly suffered an anxiety attack a few weeks ago, and he’s been absent ever since. is reporting that original plans called for Lars Sullivan to tape a segment at Raw last week which would have seen him attack John Cena, with the attack serving as a way to write Cena out of the Royal Rumble. The segment then would have aired on Raw this week, and was supposed to be Sullivan’s official main roster debut.

It’s being said that Vince McMahon grew upset with Lars Sullivan’s continued absence, and he decided to nix the entire idea before Raw this week. At this point it’s not clear whether or not Vince knew that Sullivan was going to continue to take time away from WWE, but the Chairman of the Board was mad, so the plan was dropped.

With Lars Sullivan currently out, WWE had to go in a different direction which is why they announced a storyline injury for Cena.

Original plans called for Cena to work with Sullivan at WrestleMania, and it’s still possible that WWE could set up the angle over the next two months, but it’s not clear if McMahon is still interested in investing in Sullivan.