This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live took place from Manchester, NH, but Vince McMahon was not in attendance for the tapings.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon was on the phone constantly, and he reviewed the script via phone one hour before the show.

Triple H worked the Gorilla position and Bruce Prichard presented the show to the other producers.

Prichard reportedly started out with a “rah rah speech” and it’s being said that it came across as very transparent.

Ryan Ward is still lead writer and it’s expected that he will continue to be lead writer of SmackDown unless Eric Bischoff makes a change, and it’s likely that if Bischoff did want to make that change he would have to get approval from Vince McMahon.

Bruce Prichard is going to be the one to acclimate Bischoff to his new role and it’s believed that Prichard was the one who pushed for Vince to be hired.

There was talk of people asking why Bischoff wasn’t at SmackDown to watch how things are done, but Bischoff is moving and is expected to start with WWE at the 7/16 show in Worcester, MA.