There are many wrestlers who have been lucky enough to have a long career inside of the ring, but no one can wrestle forever, and it’s been a while since fans have seen former WWE Champion JBL lace up the boots.

John Bradshaw Layfield has been busy with other things since his in-ring career came to an end, and at one point he was part of The JBL and Cole Show on YouTube. Heath Slater also appeared on the show as JBL’s nephew, Big Clem Layfield.

During an episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw it was revealed that JBL wanted to come out of retirement to work a tag team match with Heath Slater, but Vince McMahon didn’t go for it.

“I liked it so much I went to Vince and I told him, ‘Listen, I’ll come out of retirement and wrestle a tag match with Heath as my nephew,’” JBL said. “Vince thought about it. He goes, ‘That’s really interesting.’ But then he physically didn’t think I could do it, so he backed out of it. I loved Big Clem Layfield!”

“He [Vince McMahon] goes, ‘Well, how are we gonna get out of it?’ I said, ‘It’s simple. At the end of it we’ll say that Clem is not really my nephew, he’s mistaken, but I would have been honored if he would have been.’ That would have let the storyline go on and kind of move you on with whatever.”

H/T Sportskeeda