Brock Lesnar was The Next Big Thing before he was The Beast Incarnate but he had to win over Vince McMahon first. Bruce Prichard was present for some of the most important moments in WWE history. This is one of the reasons why his podcast is excellent.

The Beast Incarnate is a shoo-in WWE Hall Of Famer at this point but there was a time when he was just getting his feet wet in the pro wrestling business.

Brock Lesnar came into WWE as a blue-chip prospect from the University of Minnesota but it was what he said to Vince McMahon that really made The Chairman Of The Board fall in love with him.

Bruce Prichard recently covered all things Unforgiven 1999 on Something To Wrestle With when he brought up what Brock Lesnar said to Vince McMahon to really gain his favor in a big way.

“I remember Brock saying something like ‘I want to be an entertainer,’ and Vince fell in love with him right there. Vince would have married him right there,” Bruce Prichard said.

Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract reportedly expires after WrestleMania 34 but there’s always the chance he could re-sign and have another run with WWE.

There were rumors saying Brock Lesnar was rejoining the USADA testing pool in order to make a return to the Octagon. But with his projected opponent Jon Jones’ recent drug test failure, who knows if Lesnar will return to UFC at this point? There haven’t been many mentions of it since Jones tested positive for Turinabol.

It’s no surprise hearing Vince McMahon loves Brock Lesnar. Because wouldn’t you love someone who made you as much money as Lesnar has for McMahon?

This comment from Lesnar to Vince McMahon assured The Chairman Of The Board he was making a good decision by signing Brock Lesnar. It ended up paying off pretty well for both of them.