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Over the years a lot of WWE Superstars have come and gone, and some of them have parted ways with the company after requesting to be released. Carlito first joined WWE in 2003 and he went on to win numerous title belts and feud with some big names. He became one of the most popular stars on the roster during his WWE run, but at some point he decided that he wanted out.

Recently Carlito appeared on The Attitude Era Podcast and he explained that he requested to be released three times. However, he ended up changing his mind after Vince McMahon convinced him to stay.

“Yeah, I requested to leave three times. No, it just shows you why Vince is a genius. You go in there with a mindset, ‘yeah, I’ll get out of here’ or whatever, and you leave there, you know, you just, you know, everything they’re doing is wrong, everything I’m saying is right, you know, they’d sell you this thing and then as soon as you walk out the office and close the door you’re like, ‘Oh, wait a minute. Oh, man, they got me.’ Yeah, you’re going to some kind of mental twilight zone, you know what I mean? I mean this shows you what a genius Vince McMahon is.”

Carlito made his return to WWE at the Backlash premium live event back in May when he interfered in the Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest match. It’s been reported that Carlito has signed a new deal with WWE, but the company has yet to announce when he’ll be back on TV.

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