the usos

When the SmackDown Tag Team Title match kicked off it was clear that the fans were fully behind The Usos, despite the fact that they’re the heels in this situation. The action went back and forth for a while before the SmackDown Tag Team Champions got the upper hand and ejected The Usos from the ring and took the high ground.

The Usos took control of the match after they utilized a sneaky tag. Jimmy and Jey continued to dominate and isolate Chad Gable while Jason Jordan stood in the corner and anxiously waved his hand around.

Gable was able to throw one of The Usos out of the ring and then reverse a backdrop suplex, but when he went for the tag, Jason Jordan was pulled off the apron and Chad Gable was forced to take the fight to the outside

Gable was on the wrong end of a brutal clothesline and he was in danger of being counted out but got back in the ring at 9. The Usos switched it up with a tag and then pummeled Gable.

Chad found himself on the top rope with Jimmy Uso behind him, and Jimmy smashed Gable’s face into the steel pole behind the turnbuckle. With Gable in a tree of woe position, Jimmy tried to hit him with his shoulder, but ended up hitting the turnbuckle instead. Jordan joined the match via a hot tag and he cleaned house big time.

Jason Jordan hit the Angle Slam on Jey Uso, but Jey kicked out. Gable got the tag and went for a clothesline from the top rope, but then he was rolled up. The Usos caught Gable with a superkick then a splash from the top rope but Gable kicked out.

The Usos then went for a double splash, but American Alpha knocked them off the top. Jason Jordan got one of The Usos in an electric chair position then Gable put him down with a bulldog from the top. Jordan went for the pin but Jimmy Uso saved his brother and the match.

Everyone got tired but Gable picked up the action with a moonsault to the outside. He was thrown into the crowd for his troubles. One of the Usos grabbed Jason Jordan while his leg was between the ropes causing a low blow via the middle rope. Back on the inside, Jordan was met with a superkick and a pin.

The Usos are the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.