The Top Guys needed some good news recently after Scott Dawson was taken out of action due to a bicep injury. They were in the middle of a proposed program with The Hardy Boyz and The Club and had visions of SummerSlam dancing in their heads. But regrettably a routine spot in the middle of the ring took Dawson out.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be an amazing high-risk spot to keep you out of action. There are times when your body might have just had enough and it finally breaks. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the injury just happened expectantly during just another match in Halifax. But it was enough to kill The Revival’s momentum once more.

Fans were hopeful that Dawson wouldn’t need surgery. But unfortunately he did have to go under the knife. Now comes the question of recovery because some have speculated he could be out for up to six months with that kind of injury.

James McKenna from Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting though that the news on that end isn’t as bad as some would have feared for Dawson as he is expected to be out only four months rather than six. Seriously, those extra two months are a big deal when you’re talking about the Road To WrestleMania.

Let’s hope Dawson can heal up and get back to business in no time. Once The Revival are able to return to action we’re willing to bet they’ll be even more focused with their eyes set on the prize.

They want to be the Top Guys on Raw and now they have yet another obstacle to leap over on their way to tag team greatness. So, Dawson is out and needed surgery, but his recovery time is much more encouraging than some had feared.

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