Scott Dawson is one of the best superstars in WWE’s developmental territory. He started in 2004 touring the independent circuits with NWA, CWF, AWV and other promotions as KC McKnight and even had a cup of coffee in Ring of Honor. Now he is at the top of his game and a former NXT Tag Team Champion as one-half of The Revival.

Dawson, along with his partner Dash Wilder are two of the top names that constantly come up in conversations about who should have been called up to the main roster last year, because they are top guys. Now that The Revival seem primed to take a leap into the deeper waters of the main roster with their “no flips just fists” approach to life, Scott Dawson is able to share his words with a younger class of NXT stars.

Dawson recently spoke at a Performance Center tryout to a fresh-faced class of NXT hopefuls. The video is great, and we suggest you watch it till the end because it’s part shoot, and then at the end, he works the camera a little bit by slipping into his on-screen persona.

One thing that you could interpret from his speech is held in the line about respecting the business. If they don’t respect the business, then they could find themselves with a lot of heat and severely damage their chances for advancement. Countless people have stifled themselves politically for not respecting the business and these are very wise words to hear. Dawson himself has made social media faux pas in the past.

Scott really is a class act and you can tell that the WWE Performance Center is a productive and nurturing place. Gone are the days of infamous shenanigans and hopefully they are turning a new leaf, at least it would appear so.