royal rumble

Monday night on Raw Stephanie McMahon made the historic announcement that the first ever all-women’s Royal Rumble match would take place on January 28th. Since the announcement, there has been a number of WWE legends and former wrestlers who have teased a comeback for the match as well as a number of rumors about the match itself.

There was recently a Royal Rumble poster doing the rounds because Becky Lynch shared it on her Instagram page and it included Peyton Royce and Ronda Rousey, it has been declared to be a fake online since, but it has definitely given the match a little more hype.

It has also been rumored that the match itself will follow the tradition set by the men and be a 30 person Rumble match which means that WWE will have to rely on surprise returns and debuts since they don’t have that many women on their main roster currently.

Dave Meltzer revealed on the Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this week that some women who are part of the match believe that Ronda Rousey will be part of it and could be a surprise entrant.

It’s an interesting time for the Women’s Division right now and last night Charlotte Flair confirmed that she wouldn’t be in the match because much like the male version of the Rumble, the winner will go on to face the champion on their brand. This means that right now Alexa Bliss and Charlotte are the only two women who will definitely not be part of the match.